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Should You Keep Your Totaled Car?

Should You Keep Your Totaled Car?The problem of owning a totaled car is that it is basically a near useless, hunk of metal that probably is not running. This makes it of no value to a private owner or car dealer. Outlets to sell total loss car and other vehicles have been limited, usually leaving a scrapyard or junkyard as the only viable option.

This is a problem in that totaled vehicles will often require towing. Parting it out may be an option, but odds are most of its most valuable parts have been damaged. Parting out a car is also time-consuming and tedious. Now, CarBrain is here to help! CarBrain is the online way to sell wrecked or non-running vehicles, including those that have been totaled. While a junkyard may only offer a low scrap metal, per-pound offer for your totaled car, CarBrain will consider its make, model, year and features and options.

This makes it the perfect way to get value of totaled car without the hassles of working with a junkyard. even takes care of towing costs. It couldn't be faster or easier!

The Right Way to Trade a Totaled Vehicle

CarBrain makes it simple to sell even a total loss car easily online.

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  • If you accept our offer, we'll make arrangements for pickup and payment.

In just a few short days, that totaled car from go from eyesore to extra money in your pocket. We'll even pay for the tow. It is the simple, safe, and convenient way of selling a totaled car.

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With Us, You Can Sell With Confidence

With Us, You Can Sell With ConfidenceWhile the value of a totaled car will be less than that of an undamaged vehicle, it still has value. You can have confidence that you will get more of that value through

CarBrain receives rave online reviews and has made over a million offers on less than perfect vehicles. We are an active member of the Automotive Recycling Association and United Recycling Group. We buy totaled cars across the country and work with partners that recycle vehicle parts using environmentally friendly processes.

We make selling a totaled car simple, straight forward and quick. In just days you can be rid of your problem vehicle and have cash in your hand.

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