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Is My Car Totaled?

Totaled Car ValueIf you find yourself asking if your car is totaled, that means you’ve probably recently been in a bit of an accident. The good news is that the definition of a totaled vehicle, also known as a total loss, is pretty straightforward.

The bad news is that what damage and how much damage is needed to declare a car as totaled varies dramatically from car to car, making the "is my car totaled" question a bit complicated to answer.

Let’s start with the easy part. What does it mean if your car is totaled or declared a total loss? By definition, after an accident, your car will be damaged. Your insurance company will do two things:

  • They’ll assess the amount of damage to your car in terms of dollar value. Someone accredited by your insurance will inspect the damage on your car and give a repair estimate.
  • Your insurance company will also look at the year, make, model, trim, mileage, location and recent prices for cars similar to yours and give it an actual cash value, or what your car was worth before the accident. If the cost of repair is greater than the value of your wrecked car, it’s totaled or declared a total loss.

Fairly straight forward, no?

That’s the harder question. If your car looks is a total wreck, it’s probably a total loss. But, the reality is there are a lot of factors that come into play. The older your car, the more extensive the damage and the more expensive the parts and labor relative to the value of your car, the more likely it is that it’ll be totaled.

While your insurance’s total loss payout calculator can come up with a price for your vehicle, that’s not the only option to move forward with.

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What Can You Do With A Totaled Car?

When is a car considered totaledDeclaring your car a total loss means the insurance company has decided it will be more costly to fix your car after the accident than to pay for a replacement vehicle. This is why your insurer will not pay to repair your vehicle but offer you a check for the replacement value. It will be calculated on the basis of your car's pre-accident condition.

Once the insurance company decides that your vehicle is a total loss, two solutions are possible — the insurance company will keep the damaged vehicle, or they will let you keep it. If they let you keep it then perhaps you can sell your totaled car for more than the insurance value of your junk car.

Here is how: the insurance company will deduct a “salvage value” (the estimated value of a car at the end of its useful life) from your claim settlement. You can make a profit when you sell a wrecked car for a higher price than the car salvage value.

If you choose to keep your vehicle, your next option is to figure out how to sell your total loss car. Enter DamagedCars.com.


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Selling Your Totaled Car With DamagedCars.com

Totaled Car BuyersAt DamagedCars.com, we’ll make you a market-based offer for your totaled, salvage or junk car, truck, van or SUV. We buy all makes and models, from a totaled BMW to a totaled Chrysler 200.

With DamagedCars.com you can keep your insurance check and sell your wrecked car for its salvage value. Because repair isn’t always the best option, sell a wrecked car to DamagedCars.com. Where we buy cars in less-than-perfect condition, and even messed up cars, nationwide.

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How Much Is My Totaled Car Worth?

The value of a totaled car depends on a variety of factors including what’s wrong with the vehicle, its year, make and model, its location and more. Some totaled cars are so severely damaged, they can only be sold for scrap and parts. Some, however, have the potential to run again and can be sold for much more.

The easiest way to figure out how much you can get is to use some sort of total loss car value calculator. Luckily, DamagedCars has just that, with our instant quote generator. We can calculate the value of your vehicle and produce an offer for it in just 90 seconds, with free towing and title transfer included.

How Much Damage Totals A Car?

The amount of damage that leaves a vehicle totaled can vary from vehicle to vehicle. Generally, insurance companies will consider a vehicle totaled if the cost of repairing the vehicle starts to approach the pre-accident cash value of the vehicle, but the exact amount varies by each insurance company and by state.

How Much Will I Get For My Totaled Car?

If your car is totaled, how much you will get depends on the vehicle and its current condition. The best way to figure out what you can get is to use a totaled car value calculator, such as the one DamagedCars has. We will figure out what your totaled vehicle is worth in just 90 seconds and provide you with a quote that includes FREE towing and title transfer.

Can You Sell A Totaled Car?

Yes, you can sell a totaled car. But first you have to figure out who buys totaled cars near you. Luckily, DamagedCars buys totaled cars, and we operate nationwide!

If you’re wondering if your car is totaled, a calculator like ours can help you figure out what it’s worth in just 90 seconds! Our offers always include free towing and title transfer, so you won’t have to pay a penny to use our service, and we can come to you in 24-48 hours to pick up your vehicle.

How Do You Get Rid Of A Totaled Car?

The best way to get rid of a totaled car is to find a free, convenient junking service near you. DamagedCars operates nationwide, and we offer free, guaranteed towing in 24-48 hours after you accept our fair market offer. Get a quote from us in just 90 seconds to find out what your car is worth and how much you can sell it for today.

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