Every car owner dreads the day when their vehicle isn’t working the way it should. Whether it’s making weird noises, leaking all over the place, or just not starting, everyone sees this for what it is: a bite out of their bank account.

It’s going to cost you a small ransom to get it back up to par – money you might not necessarily have or just plain don't want to spend (on that car).

Figure you’ll just cut your losses and sell it? That could be easier said than done. Selling a car with mechanical issues is no easy feat — it’s not impossible, though!

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Selling a Car with Mechanical Problems

Man stying next to broken vehicleI f your vehicle isn’t working as it used to but it’s still reliable, that’s one thing. But if you can’t trust it to get you where you need to be, it’s time to fix it or sell it. Since fixing big problems is expensive, you can use one of these methods to sell your car with mechanical issues.

Selling a Car with Problems Online

You have your favorite online classifieds to choose from. If your car is relatively new, you could try your hand at advertising a ‘mechanic’s special’ on AutoTrader. But if you don’t want to pay for an ad or your car is up there in years, it’s easy and free to advertise it on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace.

The problem with posting private sales is that private buyers want cars they can drive. It’s tough to sell a car with issues especially if it doesn’t run or drive. This is primarily because the buyer can’t test drive it. And if it has electrical issues or other mechanical problems, you can expect a lowball offer or a “Thanks, I’m not interested” as they walk away.

Trade In A Car With Mechanical Issues at a Dealership

Because it’s an easy way to get you out of your damaged or broken car and into a new vehicle, trading your car in with mechanical problems can seem like the route to take. However, even if your car, SUV, or van looks fantastic and still has the new car smell, a dealership won’t give you near what it’s worth if it has mechanical issues.

With dealerships, it’s normal for the trade-in value to be well below the price you’d get selling it privately. But when you have mechanical issues, that value is even lower. For example, to trade in a car with engine problems, you can immediately deduct the cost of a new engine from the trade-in appraisal. You’ll have to seriously consider if the convenience is worth the steep cut in profit.

Selling A Used Car with Mechanical Problems at Auction

In cities across the nation, automotive auctions sell cars in any condition. Again, it’s an easy way to sell your salvage car without having to do any repairs on it whatsoever. Depending on what’s wrong with your car, you might need to tow it to the auction (and there’s always the potential that it doesn’t sell and you have to drag it back home).

With car auctions, you can’t guarantee the price you’ll get for it. You may win or you may lose badly on it. Auctioning off your car with its mechanical issues is a bit of a gamble in that regard.

Donate Your Car

If you’re feeling particularly generous, you could donate your car to a charity instead of trying to sell it or trade it in. One thing you can guarantee: they won’t refuse your donation!

When you donate your car, you receive a receipt for its actual cash value. When you file your taxes, you’ll use it to reduce your taxes owing or boost the amount of your tax refund.

However, while you’re doing some good in the world by donating your vehicle, you’ll only get a fraction of its worth back. Plus, you’ll have to wait until tax time to realize the benefit of donating your vehicle.

These are all options to sell your car when it has mechanical problems…but is there a better way?

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Can I Trade My Car If It Has Mechanical Problems?

Cars with mechanical issues can be traded in at dealerships for other new or used vehicles. However, you shouldn’t expect a big payout.

Dealerships are notorious for offering low quotes and they will offer even less for cars that need expensive repairs.

What Are Mechanical Issues In A Car?

Cars can have all sorts of issues including frame, electrical, and mechanical damage. Mechanical problems relate to the parts that make the car move and function. These include:

  • Tires.
  • The engine.
  • Brakes.
  • The transmission.
  • The suspension.

All of the smaller parts that attach to and make up the larger parts can also cause mechanical issues.

How Do You Get Rid Of A Car With Mechanical Problems?

One of the easiest ways to get rid of your damaged car is at a local junkyard. All you have to do is get your car there, get it weighed for a quote, accept the offer, and get your check. Although you can complete this process in a day, the junkyard is not giving you a fair deal for your car. Also, you’re probably paying to tow there which could wind up costing as much as your car is worth.  

But if you’re curious about how to sell a car with issues and get a great offer at the same time, you have to check out DamagedCars.com. We simplify and streamline the whole sales process for you. With us, there’s no need to worry about towing because we do that for you at no cost.

Moreover, you can get your fair-market quote in as little as 90 seconds. Then, we can get your check in your hand in 24 to 48 hours.

Who Buys Cars With Mechanical Problems?

Selling a used car with problems can be tricky if you don’t have a clue about who will take it. Actually, there are plenty of potential buyers including:

  • Local auto shops.
  • Used car dealerships.
  • Neighbors.
  • Online shoppers.

However, if you want to get the best quote for your damaged car, you’ll have to contact DamagedCars. We pay for all types of cars with many different issues. There’s no need to repair your car or even clean it to sell to us. We accept as-is.  

How Much Can You Get For A Car With Mechanical Issues?

Depending on who you try to sell your car to, you can receive a wide array of estimates. For example, a scrap yard will offer you different prices for various parts if you’re selling a car with transmission issues or other mechanical problems. So, you might be able to make a good profit if your car is in demand.

On the other hand, if you sell to a private buyer you might be able to make more by selling your vehicle as a unit rather than in pieces. However, buyers usually haggle and you might have to meet with many of them before getting the best deal.  

If you’re looking for the best deal possible, sell to DamagedCars.com. Our pricing calculator offers up-to-date, fair-market quotes to drivers with old, broken, and junk cars. Your quote is guaranteed and you don’t have to worry about haggling.