Who Buys Damaged Cars

There is no reason why you should be having a damaged car lying in your garage when you can sell it for quite a reasonable amount of cash. It does not matter how much the vehicle is wrecked, there is a good chance of making some money out of it. B...

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Who Buys Cars With Frame Damage?

If your vehicle has frame damage, finding a buyer using the traditional route can be a challenge. Luckily, DamagedCars has a solution for you.


Is Your Car Frame Damaged? This is What You Can Do.

What is frame damage? Is it serious, and is it costly? DamagedCars can explain just what frame damage means for your vehicle.

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How You Can Donate Your Car to Pick & Pull

Find out if and how you can donate your car to a pick n pull, and how you can get cash for your damaged car with!

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How to Sell Your Car With An Expired Registration

Is it legal to sell a car with an expired registration, or do you need to get it registered first? DamagedCars has the answer.


How Much Is My Junk Car Worth?

Before selling your car in any capacity, you should have a solid answer to that question.
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What Car Brands Are The Most Expensive to Fix

Vehicles with luxury price tags tend to come with luxury repair costs too. Find out how much you might pay for repairing a vehicle — and learn what your options are when you're not willing to spend more on repairs.


Can I Remove Parts From A Totaled Vehicle?

Can you remove parts from a totaled vehicle? And more importantly, should you? DamagedCars has the answer.
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