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How Do I Sell My Totaled Car?

After an accident, many people want to know how to get rid of a totaled car. There are a variety of different methods, but the easiest might be to sell it online. This presents an excellent opportunity to find a buyer and earn extra cash for your wrecked car. Here’s what you need to know about the process and how can help.

Selling your totaled car is probably a lot easier than you would think. All you have to do is use our online pricing tool to determine the exact value of your vehicle. The process takes just ninety seconds and there’s no obligation to sell and no hassle. From there, we help plug you into an approved network of junk car buyers interested in purchasing your car. It’s really that easy!

What's The Best Way to Sell a Total Loss Car?

Yes, it is possible to sell a damaged car. There are plenty of buyers out there who want access to specific vehicle makes and models. In many cases, they don’t care whether the vehicle is totaled or not. The easiest way to start the process if by using our pricing tool, which takes less than two minutes to complete.

Is It Possible to Trade in A Totaled Car?

Trading in a totaled car is much easier than most people think. With, we make the process incredibly easy. Fill out a short online questionnaire and receive instant results with the value of your vehicle. If you decide to proceed, we’ll send a tow truck driver to pick it up. From there, you receive funds at the time of pick up. While there are a few more details involved, the process is still incredibly easy. Learn more about how we operate by clicking here.

How Can I Know the Value of A Car That Has Been Totaled?

There are numerous factors you have to consider when determining the value of a totaled car. First, the make and model play a big role in how much a car is worth after it has been wrecked. The year, condition before the accident and the number of miles on the odometer all play a role. Finally, the area of the country where you live can also have an impact on how you’re your wrecked car is worth. Thus, it is important to use an online calculator or directory and work with experts to determine the exact value of your totaled automobile.

How Do You Know What to Do with a Totaled Car?

Deciding what to do with a totaled car doesn’t have to be difficult, but there are several options to consider. Many people opt to sell their wrecked car to the insurance company through the settlement process. You can also choose to find a buyer locally for the car, or if the damage isn’t too bad you might consider having the repairs done with a trusted mechanic in your area. Finally, you can decide to sell your total vehicle to another party, such as through

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