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Heater Core Leak

Heater Core Leak

Such a Small Problem Can Cause Big Headaches

If you can smell a burnt-sugar odor inside your car, a sickly-sweet scent that turns your stomach, it’s a coolant leak. Often, the fault is in the engine bay somewhere from a leaking radiator hose, a faulty water pump gasket, or even the radiator itself. But if the floorboard on the passenger side of your car is wet, it’s most likely a heater core leak.

Junk Yards: Do's and Don'ts of Selling Junk Cars to Avoid Scams

A point in time comes when your car has exceeded its useful life. It breaks down more than it runs and leaks oil all over the place. You don’t trust your car anymore. There’s just no point in keeping it around anymore. You want to get rid of your junk car, but you’re not exactly sure the best way to go about it.

Pick and Pull Car Parts Near Me for Cash

Pick and Pull Car Parts Near Me for Cash

Is there a better option to get rid of your car?

Did you know?

It’s virtually impossible to part out every piece of a car. Between 30 and 50 percent of a vehicle will eventually be sent to a recycler to be shredded. That means a car shell will still need to be dispose of once it’s been stripped of any useful pick and pull car parts.

Totaled Cars – Everything you need to know

Totaled Cars – Everything you need to know In most cases when a car is declared a total loss it means that the cost to repair the car is going to be more than the current market value of your car. Market value is not the amount you paid for the car, but rather what other cars like yours are selling for in your area. Some states have laws that require a car to be a total loss if the repairs reach a certain threshold of the market value, such as 75%.

Transmission Repair & Replacement

Transmission ProblemsYou’re driving along, just a normal morning commute. Suddenly, your engine speed flares up and it feels like you’ve been rear-ended. But when you check your mirror, there’s no one behind you for miles. And that’s just the start.

You’re experiencing transmission problems, but you don’t want to admit it. Why? Because transmission issues are almost as severe as an engine breakdown. You’re in for a long visit to the repair shop - several days or even weeks - and it’s going to set you back big bucks. You might as well kiss that summer family vacation goodbye, all because of a slipping transmission.

White Smoke From Exhaust

What Smoke From the Exhaust MeansYou’ve been there - driving down the road and you enter a thick haze. The smell is so strong it brings tears to your eyes. Through the smoke, you can make out the silhouette of the vehicle emanating the odorous cloud, chugging along despite the obvious problem...or maybe you’re the one with smoke from the exhaust.

Exhaust smoke is a real issue, and it’s not just YOUR problem. It’s not normal to have white, blue, or black smoke from your tailpipe. Any condition that causes visible smoke from your tailpipe is an environmental concern. It contributes to air and water pollution and aggravates breathing conditions in susceptible folk.

Transmission Fluid Leak - What it means and what to do?

What to Do if You Have a Transmission LeakBy the time you notice it, there’s a pretty good chance it’s been going on for a while. Transmission fluid leaks are rarely a problem that happens suddenly. In most situations, a seal, gasket, or hose begins to seep a little transmission fluid. You don’t see it until it gets a little worse. It runs down a transmission cooler line or off the transmission oil pan, and drips onto the ground. Even then, it you might not know it’s from your car for some time.

Once you see the telltale red spots on the ground, your transmission has probably been leaking for weeks. The fluid level has dropped, and there’s no question about it: you can’t pretend it doesn’t exist. You’re going to have to deal with the transmission leak sooner rather than later.

Scrap Car Prices

How much is my scrap car worth?

Broken Timing Belt: What is it and how to fix it

When your car is truly at the end of its life you may be interested about current scrap car prices. There isn’t much left to do other than strip your vehicle to its component metals and recycle it. Whether you call it “selling a car for scrap” or “automotive recycling,” this really is the final stage of a car. Auto recycling is very literal since some of the metals can find their way into new cars.

Ultimate Guide to Car Engine Problems

Car engine problems suck. Nothing is worse than owning a car you can’t trust or can’t drive. It’s like buying a juicy burger and being unable to eat it. It’s even more devastating if there’s bacon. And when you have engine problems, it seems there’s never a simple solution.

How to Sell My Car for Free?

How to Sell My Car for Free?You've got a car to sell. It's not in perfect condition. It's a little older. And there are a few things wrong with it that you'll clearly lay out when you list it for sale. Not everyone wants a car like this. You've loved and gotten some use out of that car. So you don't want to waste money on listings. You want to sell it for free. Here are several ways to do it.

Timing Belt Replacement Cost

Broken Timing Belt: What is it and how to fix itMany have never heard of a timing belt, but it is quite easily among the most important maintenance you will ever do on your car. While parts themselves are not very expensive, the actual timing belt replacement cost can be a significant expense. When a timing belt snaps, you’ll end up on the side of the road. You may be surprised to find what happens when your timing belt kicks the bucket. And, you definitely need to know how to fix it.

How to Sell a Car Privately

How to Sell a Car PrivatelyYour car represents a great deal of time and investment. But in most cases, you're not going to want to keep it forever. At a certain point, you'll want to trade in or sell your car to upgrade to a newer model. Selling your car doesn't have to be a difficult process and you have a number of options.

What to Do If You Hit an Animal with Your Car

Few things are quite as scary as the experience of seeing a deer or other animal on the side of the road while driving your car or truck, knowing it is headed right into your lane. If you're lucky, you will see it in time to adjust your speed and can avoid a collision. If you aren't so lucky, hitting the animal can result in serious damage to both your vehicle and its occupants.

How to Get Rid of Smoke Smell in Car

Are you trying to remove the smoke smell from your car? Have you recently purchased a used vehicle in which the previous owner left behind the stale odor of tobacco use that you would like to eliminate? It can be hard to rid a car of smoke smell, and it can seem as if nothing will truly get the job done. Even when you think you have finally eliminated your smoke-smell woes, the odor can linger still, especially in times of humidity or season change. Below are a few tips on removing the smell of cigarette smoke from your car for once and for all.

Salvage Cars

You hear the terms Junk Car and Salvage Car bandied about fairly frequently, especially on this site. But what exactly is a Salvage Car?

Smog Check Near Me

Whether you're moving to a new state soon or are just curious about how your own state's laws stack up, you may be interested to learn more about the emissions testing and smog testing requirements among the states. These requirements vary widely from state to state, with some posing no restrictions on vehicle safety or emissions while others requiring annual inspections and certifications for all residents or even those who frequently commute within the state for business. Read on to learn more about emissions, smog, and safety inspections throughout the United States.

How to Sell a Car on eBay

Throughout the entire purchasing process, few buyers stop to think about being on the other side of the transaction. In reality, selling a car can, at times, be just as stressful and nerve-wracking as buying. Taking time out of your busy schedule to organize viewings of your vehicle, negotiating a fair price and then transferring the title to the new owner are all major obstacles in the path of ensuring that you get full value for your car. 

California Smog Check - Laws & Regulations

Get the Essential Facts on California's Vehicle Emissions and Smog Check

Is a Flood-Damaged Car Repairable?

Is a flood-damaged car repairable? That’s really a complicated question. Referring to the repair of a “flood-damaged car” is like asking if a doctor can fix a hurt leg. It can mean pretty much anything. Specificity is essential. Is the car’s interior water stained? Is the engine hydro-locked? Has the entire car been under a lake?

Can I Trade in a Car with a Blown Engine?

Sure. If you find a car dealer who can find value in broken-down cars, it may be possible to trade in your car with a blown engine. That’s the simple answer.
Unfortunately, the real answer to “Can I trade in a car with a blown engine” is a bit more complicated. Hopefully, we can answer your question and give you a better solution than trading in your car.

How to sell a car on Craigslist

That moment when your car breaks down is one that you won’t soon forget. One minute you are driving happily, and the next you are begging a friend for a ride to work. Anyone who has had an old car knows the stress of waiting to find out what the damage will cost, and hoping that this breakdown isn’t the one that means your car is out of commission altogether. Well it is. Your car is done, or at least done for you. Now you need to sell your car in order to buy a new one.

How To Sell a Car

If you need to sell your car, you want to sell it fast. But you also want to get the best price and waste the least amount of time. When it comes to how to sell a car, there are many options that you need to know about. Each one has pros and cons and one may be the perfect option for you. Let's look at the options and what to expect with each.

Junkyard Miami

sell car online in Miami without junkyardThere's nothing more frustrating than a useless car. It's even more aggravating when the vehicle is sitting in your yard in less than ideal condition. If you have a "junker" that's doing nothing more than taking up space, it's time you got rid of it for good. As a bonus, you can make some cash by selling it to us!

How Linda Sold Her Junk Car in Miami

Linda lived a pretty sweet life in downtown Miami: her own sales business, great friends, and plenty of time at the beach. She loved her reliable Toyota Corolla that took her everywhere from client meetings and the grocery store to long road trips up 95 with her friends and by herself. It was especially handy during her regular trips to Orlando to visit her biggest client.

What is a blown engine and what do I do about it?

What Is a Blown Engine?

To put it simply, a blown engine is an engine that has suffered catastrophic internal mechanical damage. Your engine doesn’t actually blow up, though there can be smoke, steam and, rarely, fire. Sometimes a piston rod will punch through the wall of an engine block, necessitating an engine replacement.

How Much Is My Car Worth?

What’s My Car Worth After an Accident?
How much is my car worth? That may be the most common question we get, which makes sense as the whole purpose of existence for is to buy cars.

As simple as the question is, the answer is quite the opposite. Determining "what's my car worth" takes a bit of effort.

How Long Does a Car Battery Last

What’s My Car Worth After an Accident?
If your battery has trouble holding a charge, it may be time to purchase a new one. You might wonder, how long do car batteries last? There are many factors that affect the lifespan of a car battery. 

Under ideal conditions, a car battery could last five years or more. However, you're rarely in ideal conditions and environmental factors like temperature and humidity can greatly shorten the life of your battery.

How Much Car Can I Afford

What’s My Car Worth After an Accident?
Everyone wants a nice car.

Who doesn’t want a Ferrari or a Mercedes-Benz parked in front of their house? With stickers reaching well into the thirty-thousands, even a Honda Accord or Toyota Camry can take a fairly big bite out of your monthly allowance.

Therein lies the heart of this post.

10 Things You Didn't Know About Car Buying

What’s My Car Worth After an Accident?
Thinking of buying a car after selling your car? Here are 10 things that you might not know about purchasing a vehicle. Use the internet to start your search Did you know that 80 percent of people used the internet to start their search for a car? This might not be the most surprising fact in this article, but it does reflect a change in people’s shopping habits when it comes to cars.

What car issues are too expensive to fix?

What’s My Car Worth After an Accident?
Car problems can arise due to many different factors, such as a manufacturing deficiency, a lack of maintenance or simple chance. Regardless of the reason for an automotive problem, it is important to know when a car repair is too expensive to pursue or to sell for cash.


Simple repairs may certainly be worth the cost, but repairs that will be priced close to the value of a vehicle should be avoided. Here are a few car issues that may be too expensive to fix and may be better to sell your car:

Sell Car for Parts

What’s My Car Worth After an Accident?
We at hear this all the time… “I can sell my car for parts for cash”. The famed parts car is probably as big of a myth as the Loch Ness Monster. Unlike Nessy, there is a kernel of truth to the whole parts car thing.

Can a wrecked, damaged or broken-down car be parted-out for profits greater than the price of the complete car? Yes, sometimes. Can the average person do it in their garage? No.

Chevrolet’s new 2016 self-diagnosing cars?

With Chevrolet releasing its latest technology, maintaining a car has never been so simple.  What Chevrolet calls its Prognostic Technology is an all-new self-diagnostic system in the 2016 Chevrolet line up. 

How We Buy Cars in Less-than-Perfect Condition

Ever wonder how to sell your damaged cars to Here is an in-depth look at our process.

Did you know buys Exotic Cars, too?

What’s My Car Worth After an Accident?
Exotic cars a just that, exotic. They are those rare cars that are almost as exciting to see on the road as they are to drive… almost. If you have an exotic car, like a Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Ferrari, Lotus, Porsche or Maserati, you want to make sure that wherever you take it for repair or maintenance is skilled in taking care of your exotic car. 

How to Sell a Car with a Lien

What’s My Car Worth After an Accident?
The majority of cars that are sold have existing liens on them, especially if the car was financed. Cars may have liens due to financing not being paid off, unpaid repairs, or if the car was used as collateral. In these cases, the lender or lien holder owns the car and holds the rights to the title. It will be necessary to get the lien holder's signature in order to transfer ownership of the car after all the debts have been paid to sell your car.

Texting and Driving Stats

What’s My Car Worth After an Accident? buys damaged cars. It’s right there in our name that's states we buy cars. All of the damaged cars we buy have one very crucial thing in common. They’re damaged. Somehow, some way, somewhere, they were wrecked, dented, crashed or otherwise experienced some sort of vehicular boo-boo.

When Is the Best Time to Sell a Car?

What’s My Car Worth After an Accident?
Timing is a critical factor when you're thinking about selling your car. Demand is greater for certain vehicles during particular seasons; plus, holidays and special events offer good opportunities to sell your car. In addition, you may want to take into account the economy, since demand for some vehicles can sometimes be influenced by the economy. Finally, you need to look at the mileage and wear and tear on your car.

Selling a Totaled Car

Selling a Totaled Car? Is my car totaled? That’s never a good question to have to ask yourself. If you find yourself asking is my car totaled, that means you’ve probably recently been in a bit of an accident. The good news is that that the definition of a totaled car, also known as a total loss, is pretty straightforward. The bad news is that what damage and how much damage is needed to declare a car as totaled varies dramatically from car to car, making the is my car totaled question a bit complicated to answer.

What’s My Car Worth After an Accident?

What’s My Car Worth After an Accident?
So you’ve had a car accident. A fender bender. A collision. But, after all the commotion has died down and everyone has recovered from theordeal, one important question remains.

It lingers in the forefront of yourmind every time you look at your damaged car… What’s my car worth? What effect has the accident had on my car’s value?...

5 of the Worst Sounds Your Car Can Make

What’s My Car Worth After an Accident?
The sounds your car makes can tell you a lot about what's going on under the hood. Problems like a bad CV joint, flooded engine, thrown rod, grinding or bad transmission and seized engines all make very specific noises.

Questions to Ask Before You Get an Insurance Policy

What’s My Car Worth After an Accident?
Car insurance exists to help a vehicle owner recover thecosts of any damage to their car or injury resulting from a car accident. Ifonly it was that simple.

There are different types of coverage, not to mentiondifferent coverage amounts (see the next point down). You need to lookcarefully at your needs to decide what coverage is best for you.

Just as not all cars are created equal, not all car insurance policies are created equal. And, there are a few questions you should ask before buying a car insurance policy.

What is a VIN and What Does It Say about Your Car?

What’s My Car Worth After an Accident?
Just as a social security number is assigned to each individual, a unique VIN, or Vehicle Identification Number, is assigned toevery car.

Like with the social security number, no VIN is used more than once and each number and letter of a VIN correspond to a specific piece of information about the car. This post will help you decode your VIN...

What to Do after an Accident: Know Your Options

What’s My Car Worth After an Accident?
Car accidents are rough, even the minor ones. The worse the accident, the scarier they become and the longer it takes to recover. So beforemetal meets metal and fender bends fender, there are a few things you should know that will save you time, money and stress.

 What to do after a car accident is a common question. It’s crucial to know your options.

What to Do after a Car Accident: I Don’t Have Insurance

What’s My Car Worth After an Accident?
First thing’s first… You should probably have car insurance. Driving without car insurance is risky, potentially very expensive and, in most states, illegal. Check out our “Questions to Ask before You Get a Car Insurance Policy” article to get the primers on automotive insurance.

That being said, what happens if you get into a car accident and don’t have insurance? What if the person who hits you doesn’t have insurance? What if you’re at fault? What if you’re not at fault? Hopefully you never have to ask yourself those questions. But, sometimes bad things happen. This post will give you an idea of what happens after a car accident if you (or they) don’t have auto insurance.

Top Ten Cars with the Highest Repair Costs

What’s My Car Worth After an Accident?

Estimated Five-Year Repair Costs

When buying a new car, you often look at price, fuel efficiency, options, style, color, performance and comfort. That makes sense.

It's a new car and you're probably going to spend a good portion of your life in it. So, those factors are logical points of comparison between cars.

What to Do after an Accident: 8 Questions for Your Insurance Company

What’s My Car Worth After an Accident?
After a car accident, having a good car insurance policy can make the difference between driving home your car with little out of pocket cost or staring at your damaged car sitting in the driveway while struggling to balance getting your car fixed with paying your deductible and a slow insurance settlement.

Making sure you are satisfied with your insurance claim often comes down to asking your insurance company the right questions after your accident.

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How does decide the value or worth of my vehicle? takes into account a variety of factors when making you an offer for your vehicle. For example, the wholesale value of your car pre-accident, the extent of damage or mechanical and electrical problems, the current market demand for your vehicle and its parts, its make, model, mileage and age all play a part of deciding the value of your vehicle.