How to Sell a Wrecked Car

Every year, there are more than 6 million car accidents in the United States alone. Isn’t that crazy? Some of those cars have just light front end damage and can be fixed. Others are a total loss – totally wrecked and not safe to drive...


How Do I Determine My Junk Car Trade In Value?

If it’s time to get rid of your old, dilapidated, broken-down junk car and get something new, you have a couple of options. You can sell it yourself or you can trade it in to the dealership. Selling a car privately isn’t for the faint ...


How Much Will You Get for Trading In a Car with Body Damage?

Your teen is learning how to drive and can’t gauge the distance to the power pole in the rearview mirror. Some jerk on a cell phone doesn’t see the stop light and bashes into the side of your car. You come out from the mall and discove...


What You Need to Know About Radiator Repairs

Your temperature gauge is spiking into the red zone, and you’re gripping the steering wheel a little harder. Suddenly, a plume of white steam billows from under the hood in the middle of traffic. It’s your radiator.


I Have a Junk Car to Sell - What Should I Do

It’s reached the end of its useful life to you. Your car - that awesome, road-tripping, highway hauling, fuel-chugging vehicle - is going into retirement. It’s now a piece of junk, no good for anything but driveway art, and that’...


Cracked Cylinder Head Symptoms & What to Do

Your car isn’t doing so hot. In fact, you’ve been limping it along for months now. The engine has overheated a bunch of times – the big plume of white steam, a puddle of green coolant, and a call to AAA has become second nature. ...


Who Buys Junk Cars

That heap of metal on your driveway needs to go away. It’s ugly, doesn’t work, can’t be insured anymore, and will never be a reliable car again. And as much as you’d like it to just disappear, it would be good if you could ...


Scrap Metal Prices Going Up? Should I Sell My Scrap Car

A huge part of the economy revolves around manufacturing. It’s no big secret that raw materials like steel and aluminum are at the heart of manufacturing in North America. While it’s lower today than it ever has been, manufacturing sti...

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