sell car with dents

Should I Fix The Dent In My Car Before Trading It In?

Should you fix the dents in your car before trying to trade it in or sell it? DamagedCars can help — we buy cars as-is.

man wondering where to sell car with accident history

How to Sell a Car With an Accident History

Trying to sell a car with an accident history? DamagedCars can help. Whether the accident was in the distant past or a recent event, we can make a fair market offer on your vehicle fast.

should you total a car or repair it

Is It Better To Have A Car Totaled Or Repaired?

Is it better to have your damaged vehicle totaled out, or does it make more sense to repair it? DamagedCars can help you answer that — and make an offer on your car, fixed or not.

car accident only liability insurance

My Car Is Totaled And I Only Have Liability Insurance

A car that gets damaged in a total loss accident is an expensive problem to have, especially if you only have liability insurance. Find out what your options for financial assistance are with DamagedCars, and how we can help you sell your totaled ...

should i get my car inspected

Should I Get My Car Inspected Before Trading It In?

Is it worth getting your car inspected before trying to trade it in or sell it? Find out when it's not — and how DamagedCars can buy your car inspection-free.

how to repair broken brake line

How To Handle A Broken Brake Line

A broken brake line is a major problem for a vehicle. Your car is not drivable until you repair the line — but repairs can be costly. Find out what kind of expenses you might face if you have a broken brake line, what your options are and how...

car turns off while driving

Why Does Your Car Cut Off While Driving?

Your car turning off while driving can be a sign of major issues — not to mention poses a major risk on the road.

Learn what the potential causes can be and what your options are for repairing or selling your vehicle (including how Damaged...

signs that your brakes are going bad

Signs That Your Brakes Are Going Bad

Without functioning brakes, you're in for a risky drive. Find out what the warning signs are before your brakes fail on you — and when fixing them could cost too much to be worthwhile, find out how DamagedCars can help you sell your car fast.

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