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How to Sell a Car After an Accident

You’ve been in an accident – now what? Your car has lost its trustworthiness and its shine. Why not sell it and buy a different car? Selling a car after an accident isn’t as easy as you might think, but it’s possible. Here’s how you can sell a car that’s been damaged.

Did You Know? buys cars in any condition. Whether you’ve been in an accident, your car has been vandalized, or you have a rusted, flooded, or otherwise less than perfect car, can turn it into cash fast!

What Do I Need to Sell My Car After an Accident?

First, you're going to need proof of ownership. Before we purchase your vehicle, we must make sure that it is legally yours. If this is not so, we cannot purchase the vehicle.

Afterwards, you will want to get your offer. You do this by clicking on "Get an Offer" and filling out the requested information. These are things like Year, Make, and Model; but also mileage, severity of damage, location of the damage, and any other relevant factors.

As an aside, pictures of the vehicle will increase the accuracy of the offer. The more detailed, the more angles, and the clearer the image - the better your chances at receiving a true Fair Market Offer.

How Do I Know What the Value of My Crashed Car Is?

Dealing with cars that have body damage (or any such deficiency) can be very tough. Assimilating market values based on subjective descriptions is not enough, so we need to have pictures and as many details as possible about the vehicle's current condition.

The severity of the damage and the condition of the affected parts will be the most indicative factor.

How to Sell a Crashed Car

A light bumper rub or a serious fender bender to a total loss. No matter how significant the damage to your vehicle, you still want to get rid of it. Unfortunately, the average car buyer wants a car that looks good and they can drive without the unknown cost of repairs.

There are a few ways you can try to sell a totaled car:

  • Trade it in at a dealership. One way to sell an old car and get a new one is to trade it in. However, with an accident on its vehicle history report and damage present from a collision, most dealerships won’t pay you what it’s worth or they may not want it at all.

  • • Fix it and sell it privately. The problem is that car repair costs can be more expensive than your car is worth, but private buyers want a working, running vehicle. Selling a broken car privately will take a lot of time and effort.

  • Donate it to charity. Non-profit organizations across the United States receive vehicle donations and issue tax receipts for them. You’ll get a donation receipt for its current market value only, which is severely diminished, and you’ll have to wait until tax time to get a portion of it back.

  • Scrap it. You could drag your car to a junk yard to turn it into cash. Scrap yards pay based on weight, though, and don’t factor in its features, age, or model. You’ll likely get only a few hundred dollars at best.

Sell Your Wrecked Car Online

An easy and stress-free way to sell your wrecked car is just a few clicks away. buys cars across the country just like yours. Because it’s all done online, you can do away with worries like your car being undervalued at a dealership, getting scammed by a private buyer, or selling your car for less than it’s worth.

The process is simple to navigate.

  • Click ‘Get an Offer’ at Enter your ZIP code and click the ‘Get an Offer’ button on the website.

  • Enter your accurate vehicle information. You’ll be asked to provide complete information for your vehicle details and condition. The more in-depth, the more accurately your offer will reflect your car’s value.

  • Review your offer. Within about 90 seconds, you’ll receive a no-obligation offer from Take your time if you wish – offers are guaranteed for seven days.

  • Accept the offer online. If the quote looks good to you, simply accept it. You’ll need to have ownership documents, but we’ll do the rest.

  • Get paid. You’ll get paid fast for your car, usually within 24 to 48 hours. will arrange to have your vehicle picked up from where it sits at no cost to you.

Why not request a no-hassle quote for your damaged car today? You could turn your write-off into cash in hand fast.

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