Can You Trade In A Branded Title Car?

Repairing your car after an accident is always a sticky situation.

While a vehicle can be made roadworthy once again, trying to sell it while the title is branded complicates the sales process even more than it already is.

How Different Car Brandings Affect A Car’s Value

Branded titles are with car’s for as long as they exist. A car that’s resurrected back to the pinnacle of perfection will still carry its branded title.

While branded titles last the duration of a car’s lifetime, they are treated differently depending on which state the vehicle is in. All branded titles, however, fall under several categories.

Salvage Title Cars

Salvage title cars are those that have been in some form or collision and been declared a total loss.

To be declared a total loss, the cost of repairing the vehicle must cross a particular threshold that is a certain percentage of the vehicle’s overall value.

Rebuilt Title Cars

Vehicles that have suffered significant damage are often declared total losses by the insurance company.

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These same companies will typically auction the vehicle off in order to recoup some of its costs. Whomever purchases the totaled vehicle, whether a private buyer or repair shop, may attempt to fix and sell the car.

Once these repairs are complete, the vehicle must be submitted to and pass a safety inspection before it is considered roadworthy.

Should it pass the evaluation, the state will issue a branded title with a “rebuilt” label.

This title alerts any potential buyers that the car was once damaged and reconstructed. It is a warning that the vehicle’s structural and/or mechanical integrity could be compromised.

Odometer Rollback

The mileage a car racks up over time directly affects its value. This is why states mandate odometer readings be reported at the vehicle’s registration. They are also typically recorded when under the inspection of a mechanic.

That said, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that over 450,000 vehicles are sold with false odometer readings annually.

Should the odometer be found to display less miles than the vehicle has actually driven, it will be branded with an “odometer rollback” or “altered odometer” title.

Fire, Flood Or Hail Damage

Forces of nature can do significant damage to a vehicle. Fire, flood, and hail damage are all capable of causing a car to be issued a branded title with their respective label.

Salvage title car

What’s The Best Place To Sell A Car With A Branded Title?

Selling a car with a branded title operates the same way as selling a car without one, with just a few more additional steps.

Junkyards — Local junkyards will accept vehicles in virtually any condition. They purchase them quickly, but they make their profit by buying low and reselling the usable parts.

Dealerships — Any dealership that accepts cars “as is” will purchase your junk car, but the money offered is likely credit to be applied to buying another vehicle from them. Additionally, they specialize in roadworthy cars, so a junk car that can’t run is likely to get lowballed.

Private Buyers — Private buyers aren’t restricted by pricing or any condition constraints. If your model is popular and in demand, someone will want it. Finding that person, however, can be a massive hassle; vetting serious candidates and haggling being chief amongst the most annoying portions of the process.

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How do you value a branded car title?

The price of a branded title car depends on the type of damage it suffered, its manufacturing year, and various other factors. A solid rule of thumb is to take the car’s market cost and subtract 20-40% of its original value.

Is branded title the same as salvage?

A salvage brand is a type of branded title. Look at “branded title” as an umbrella term, under which several types of brands fall:
  • Salvage Title Cars

  • Rebuilt Title Cars

  • Odometer Rollback

  • Fire, Flood Or Hail Damage