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Hail Damaged Car – What to do.

Storms can be devastating. First off, the thunder is a nightmare for your dogs. But, beyond Fido’s fear there’s the wind, the rain, the flooding, the hail and the lightning all wreaking destruction on anything that is unfortunate enough to be left outside in a naturally choreographed dance of celestial havoc. With the more and more major hail storms happening each year and tornados and hurricanes blowing down half of the country, there has been quite a bit of natural destruction of late.

If you’ve been in the path of Mother Nature’s tantrum, where does that leave you? Tornado, hail or storm damage to your home is pretty well covered. Flood damage is a bit iffy. Hopefully you have flood insurance. But, what about your car? What do you do with hail damaged cars? Storm damaged cars, in general?

First, you can click the button below to see what your hail damaged car or flood damaged car is worth. Then you can read on to find out what you can do with it.

How Much is Your Car Worth

Hail Damaged Car & Storm Damaged Car

Hail Damaged Car & Storm Damaged CarA hail damaged car can be fairly wrecked. However, it’s likely that your car insurance will cover the repairs. Same goes for storm damage to your car (tree branches falling on your car, wind damage, etc.). However, even after repair, your car will never quite be the same. Think of it like this… if you crush a soda can, you can stretch it back out and pop out the dents. But, the can will never be perfect again. There will always be evidence of the damage, no matter how good the repair is.

Hail Damage Car Repair

Keep in mind that any repairs will show up on your cars CarFax or AutoCheck until the end of time. And, that, can lower the value of your car dramatically. A damaged and repaired car can lose as much as 30-percent of its value as compared to a never-damaged version of the same car.

So, what’s a poor, unsuspecting auto owner to do? If you have a hail damaged car or storm damaged car, call your insurance. If they don’t total your car, you’ll get a repair estimate. Your insurance company will probably cut you a check for that amount (less your deductible).

Depending on your policy, you can keep that check and sell your car, unrepaired. Click the Get an Offer button, and we’ll make you a no-obligation, guaranteed offer to buy your car as-is. You’ll get a check from your insurance. You’ll get a check from us. Then, you’ll be in good shape to go out a buy something new (or newer, if you prefer used cars).

Flood Damaged Car

Flood Damaged CarSame goes for flood damaged cars, sort of. Not all car insurance policies will cover flood damage, just like not all home-owner’s insurance policies cover flood damage to your home. So, even if your insurance won’t give you a check to repair or total your flood damaged car, we’ll do our best to give you the best offer for your flood car.

Is a Flood Damaged Car Repairable?

Repairing a flood car depends a lot on how bad it was flooded, where did the water go (into the engine, the interior, in the exhaust), how long was the car submerged and was the offending water fresh water or salt water?

We have a whole post dedicated to answering the question of repairable flood cars here. Take a look. It might answer your questions. If you have any more, give us a call, and we’ll be happy to help. You can also click the button below to get a guaranteed offer for your car.

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