Creative ways to junk your car

When you need to junk your car, there are different options to consider, some of these options can get very creative, but if you aren't sure you want to keep your car and do something unique with it, you can always sell it as is vs trying to fix i...


What's the right price for my junk car

If you plan to junk your car for money, you want to make sure you find someone who will pay for junk cars at a fair rate. If you don't do that, the cash for junk cars idea you have may not really provide you with anything but a few dollars that re...


Where do the scrap parts of my junk car go

Do you have a car that has outlived its life cycle and is now having mechanical issues? Has your mechanic told you it is not a good idea to dump money on the old car? There are three ways you can get rid of your vehicle.


What You Should Do Before Junking Your Vehicle

Are you thinking about paying somebody for junk car removal? There is actually no reason to open your own wallet, You can junk a car for cash with a few simple clicks; get an instant offer and get the vehicle picked up in just 24 to 48 hours.


Ecology & Auto Wrecking

Your old car has taken you through some big things in life.


Transmission Repair & Replacement

You’re driving along, just a normal morning commute. Suddenly, your engine speed flares up and it feels like you’ve been rear-ended. But when you check your mirror, there’s no one behind you for miles. And that’s just the s...


Heater Core Leak

Such a Small Problem Can Cause Big Headaches

If you can smell a burnt-sugar odor inside your car, a sickly-sweet scent that turns your stomach, it’s a coolant leak. Often, the fault is in the engine bay somewhere from a leaking ...


How to Sell your car to the Junk yard and how to Avoid Scams.

A point in time comes when your car has exceeded its useful life. It breaks down more than it runs and leaks oil all over the place. You don’t trust your car anymore. There’s just no point in keeping it around anymore. You want to g...

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