Let us help you out. When the time to find junk car buyers arrives, there are a few things to watch out for. These are a few things to do (and NOT do) when getting rid of your junk car.

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Check How Much Your car is Worth

DON’T Give Away Your Junk Car

Some salvage yards advertise free vehicle pickup for unwanted junk cars. It might seem initially like a good idea, but your car still has value! Even a totally broken-down, bashed up, leaky, rusted out vehicle is worth its weight in salvage prices.

Don’t give away your junk car. Instead, find junk yards or services that will pay you salvage price in cash for junk cars. It might not be much, but it could cover a payment or two on your new ride.

DON’T Part Your Car Out Yourself

You’ve seen and heard about it being done. Someone strips parts off their old, junk car and sells them on Craigslist or eBay. The cold, hard truth is that no one wants to pay much for used parts from a car that you don’t trust anymore.

When you part out your car on your own, your junk car sits on your driveway or in your backyard for months. Piece by piece, you can try to recoup some cash back from your car. At the end, you still have a shell of a car to dispose of, and it’s made your home look like a junkyard until it’s gone.

DON’T Let the Buyer Renegotiate a Lower Price

When you’ve found a salvage yard to buy your junk car, they’ll often try to renegotiate the price once they see it in person. They’ve already offered you salvage or scrap prices for your car, and that’s what they should pay.

If the buyer tries to renegotiate, decline outright. You can find other junk yards to buy your car without the hassle. Better yet, DamagedCars.com will buy it.

DO Choose Reputable Junk Yards

Junk yards aren’t always known for good business practices. Some salvage yards are run by people looking to make a quick buck off an unsuspecting person. You can protect yourself by doing some homework first.

Google ‘junk my car’ and look through the listings that come up near you. Find salvage yards that have good Google reviews full of happy customers. If you are going in person, you can usually tell which ones are reputable. They’ll have an industrial scale, they’ll fill out paperwork, and they’ll be as clean as a scrap yard can be.

DO Provide Accurate Information

If you want the most cash for junk cars without a hassle, provide accurate information. Junk car buyers use the details you provide to base their offer. If your details are embellished or inaccurate, they won’t be able to pay the amount they’ve offered you. Or, you might undercut yourself if you don’t provide the right year or mileage.

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DO Your Research

Before selling a car to a junk yard, find out what it’s worth. You can look up the price per pound at local scrap yards as well as listings online for similar makes and models that are in the same condition as yours. There are a bunch of junk car buyers out there, from junk yards to schools and repair shops who want to flip them. Heck, even demolition derby drivers might be interested.

Know roughly what your junk car is worth before you sell it. Junk car prices can fluctuate based on the market value of scrap, so check within a few days of when you’re ready to sell.

If you want to find out how much your junk car is worth, ask us for a price. At DamagedCars.com, we’ll give you a guaranteed offer for your car. No matter what condition it’s in, we always provide fair junk car prices. Just request a quote from us. Once you accept the offer, we’ll pick up your car free of charge and pay you on the spot.

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