You can easily recycle wastes such as oil and gasolineThe first obvious way to handle a less than perfect vehicle is to take it apart it. You can resell the car parts or use them in another car. Selling the auto parts can earn you some money back. You can easily recycle wastes such as oil and gasoline.

Did you know?

Dumping the hazardous chemicals your car contains in any unassigned areas may bring up legal issues and cost you thousands of dollars in fines. Before you begin parting your car, it's recommended to inform yourself about the local recycling practices from the city department in your municipality or on their website.

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Parting out your car can expose you and your family to hazardous wastes and take up tons of empty space to store all the parts, but nevertheless, there are ways of dealing with the leftovers from your old machines such as coolant, tires, and batteries among others.

What happens to the scrap parts of my car?


Scrap parts of my car - TiresOld tires are important and recyclable car parts. Efforts are being made to ensure recycled tire are used as raw material when manufacturing new tires. Also, old tires can be used as a supplementary fuel at cement factories to power the kilns.

Shops that sell tires can also dispose them on your behalf, but you will have to pay for it. If you can find neither of the two, then wait for the days of the week or month when your municipality is offering free tire disposal.

Brake fluid

Scrap parts of my car - Brake fluidIf you drain the brakes, collect the runoff. Dispose of the fluid by putting it in a cat litter and exposing it to open air. It will evaporate in a matter of days.


Scrap parts of my car - CoolantYou probably think you can just drain your coolant into a pan and used it to control weeds and pests around your house. Alternatively, you could simply drain it down the sink and flush the radiator using a garden hose. However, the law does not allow you to do this. When it rains, the heavy metals will end up in the storm drain and to the major waterways.

If your engine is not cranking up, there is no way you can thoroughly drain the coolant from the engine. There are coolant-recycling machines which distill the glycol out of the old coolant. You can ask around for a shop with this machine.

For your coolant to be accepted, you should take optimum precaution. Use a clean funnel, pan, and container to transfer, drain and carry the coolant to the shop. Any slight contamination with oil or any solvent will render it unrecyclable.


Scrap parts of my car - BatteriesCar batteries have lead, a toxic metal, that contaminates groundwater. However, both the lead and the sulfuric acid used in the cell are recyclable. Most car battery vendors take old batteries. Find a shop close to you and drop your wet cell at a third garage. Alternatively, each county or municipality has placed specific drop points for used batteries, take it there.


I Want to Junk My Car

It is possible that your car is damaged beyond repair and you do not think there is a part worth salvaging; then you can sell it to the junkyard. They have an extensive way of recycling car body parts. It is also an easy way out if you find dismantling your car too involving and risky. Well, you should not rub shoulders with the law because of a car you no longer need, should you?

Junk and scrap yards will only pay for the value of the salvaged metal, and the junk part prices vary. This is to mean; it will pay for the weight of the car irrespective of its condition. Therefore, if you feel your car has more value than the scrap metal value, then forget the scrap yard and go for the last option.

I Want To Sell My Car AS-IS

I Want To Sell My Car AS-ISSelling your less than perfect car in part is undoubtedly a risky venture that can cost more than you have to. Disposing of the hazardous wastes can be a tricky process. Selling to a scrap or junkyard is also not an appropriate option as scrap prices are based only on the salvage value.
Sometimes it is better to sell the car AS IS. Do not have to dismantle or scrap your car. You never know why the buyer is interested in your vehicle. Just ensure you have all necessary documentation. The title is required to sell the car.

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