Did you know?

The average cost for heater core replacement is $732. On some models like the 2010 Camaro, an inconvenient location in the dash causes that price to more than double – to over $1500! Let Damaged Cars buy your car from you instead so you don’t have to deal with a heater core repair headache.

What is the Heater Core?

When you turn on the heat inside your car, hot engine coolant flows through the heater core. The heater core diffuses the heat from inside the coolant and your blower motor circulates the hot air inside your car. It’s like a small radiator inside your dashboard.

Heater Core Leak Symptoms

If your heater core is leaking, it won’t take long to find out. You’ll likely notice first that there’s residue on the inside of your windshield. You can clean it and it will appear hazy in just a few days’ time. Then, you’ll notice a sweet smell. If it’s cold outside, your heater won’t work as well as it used to.

Then you’ll discover a green puddle on the passenger side floor (the color might vary depending on your engine coolant). That’s the dead giveaway that your heater core leaks.

Unattended, a neglected heater core leak repair will result in low engine coolant and engine overheating. A seemingly small issue inside your car turns into a major pain in the behind.

Heater Core Repair

Because it’s a radiator of sorts, a radiator repair shop can fix the leak from your heater core, but only when it’s removed. And unfortunately, that’s where the major costs come into play.

The heater core is mounted inside the heater box assembly in the dash. It’s not easy to access – the heater box needs to come out, the heater core leak fixed or the core replaced, and the assembly reinstalled. The coolant is then refilled and the system bled of air.

Heater Core Repair Cost

The heater core itself is anywhere from $70 to $300. You should expect at least 5 hours labor to remove and replace the heater core. Some vehicles need the whole dash removed to replace the heater core, and in rare circumstances, even the windshield. That can push your labor time up to 15 to 20 hours, or up to $2000!!

You may think your car isn’t worth the trouble or you might not be up to the task of fixing your heater core leak. If that’s the case, Damaged Cars is here to help. We’ll pay you cash for your car in ‘as-is’ condition, relieving you of the repair hassle. Just request a quote from us an we’ll shoot you a guaranteed offer for your car. Our service is easy to use – once you accept the offer, we’ll send someone to pick up your car and put cash in your hand!