What You Should Do Before Junking Your Vehicle?So, before you fall for that "we buy junk cars" line from the yard out by the highway, let's check out a more convenient option that avoids dealing with sketchy people in an even freakier part of town.

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I'm Ready to Get Rid of My Junk Car Now!

Look, nobody likes to stare at a car sitting in their driveway full of dents and dings. If you simply want to make your broken down vehicle go away-there's a fast and simple solution that ends the story with money in your pocket. Just visit DamagedCars.com, fill out the form, and get a quote for your junk car in just 90 seconds. Then in just 24 to 48 hours most of the time, they will send a tow truck, haul it away, and hand you the payment! No haggling, stress, or worry. The deal is done.

All you need to do to take advantage of this fabulous service to junk your car is:

  • Have the keys to the car

  • Have the title to the car in your name

  • Clear out all your personal belongings

  • ...That is it!

No matter if it has a few too many dents or even doesn't start. It will be gone. BONUS! But hey, if you want to see what other options you might have for junk car disposal, keep reading!

Should I Fix It Up and Sell My Junk Car "As Is"?

Should I Fix It Up and Sell My Junk Car Okay, maybe you want to see if you can get a few extra dollars out of the deal if you think your ride is worth more than most junk cars. If your problem is mechanical, somebody might fall for its 18-inch polished wheels and cherry red paint job. It'll take some effort to get the best offer. There are really two options here:


You will be running ads on social media, making connections through bulletin boards, and chatting up your friends and friends of friends to make this sale, rather than deciding to simply "junk my car." Even if the ride is in rough shape, your local buyer will still want to know:

Does It Run?

If you were in a fender bender, but the engine is in good shape, the odds are good you can unload this thing. However, if it doesn't turn over--no matter what the reason--the buyer is going to factor in the cost of the tow truck when negotiating price. Which can end up feeling like you paying for junk car removal.

Is It Missing Vital Parts?

The buyer-even when looking at a junk car for sale-will want four tires and wheels, an airbag, intact glass, a battery, and a functioning transmission. If you want to move this thing, you might have to replace missing parts.

Will it Pass Local Inspection?

Some states have lemon laws in place to protect the buyer. If your junk car buyers run out to register their new vehicle, you could be on the hook to pay for repairs to the emissions and safety gear. Somehow your junk car cash just vanished.

Could I Part it Out Instead?

Okay, so selling it yourself seems iffy. You figure that there is an auto recycler near me and hey, they'll take the engine. Now you have to figure out how to dispose of oil, borrow your friend's shop for a day and then rent a truck to get the heavy piece of junk out there. How much time do you have to get a few dollars? Then what do you do with the junk car scrap? This is an option loaded with problems.

Sell it to an Auto Dealer

Your neighborhood used car dealer is going to schedule a junk car pick up and charge you for the cost. Every dent and ding will take $$ off the price offered. After spending an hour in friendly negotiation, your ride will be headed to the car junkyard, but your pockets will not feel very full. It might be fast, but you will never know if you really got the best bang for your buck, or if they simply took advantage of you.

What are my other options?

Before giving in to a local ad touting "cash for junk cars," it's best to know what the market value of your vehicle is in the first place. By filling out the quick form at DamagedCars.com, you will receive a fair offer for your junker in its current condition. Now you are in a better position to make the best decision! Better yet, with a simple click, you can accept that offer and wave goodbye to your car in just a couple days.