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Transmission Problems

You’re experiencing transmission problems. Transmission issues are almost as severe as an engine breakdown, so you need a transmission repair quick. You’re in for a long visit to the repair shop - several days or even weeks - and it’s going to set you back big bucks. You might as well kiss that summer family vacation goodbye, all because of a slipping transmission.

Transmission Problems & Symptoms

Slipping TransmissionOne of the most common symptoms when your transmission is on it’s way out is known as ‘slipping’. That might not seem like an accurate description for what you’re feeling when you drive, but it’s a great explanation for what’s happening inside your transmission.

Friction materials inside an automatic transmission are engaged using hydraulic pressure by transmission fluid. When they are in good condition, the friction materials help make transitions between gears smooth and seamless. Yet, when they’re worn out or burnt, they slip - literally - and you experience symptoms.

It’s similar in a manual transmission when your clutch plate is worn out. As you drive, the friction material that engages the transmission to the flywheel on the back of the engine slips.

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What are Transmission Slipping Symptoms?

Bad Transmission Clutch ProblemA slipping transmission can be exhibited through a few different symptoms. And because it’s usually related to worn parts inside your transmission, you’re likely to feel its effects get worse over time.

Initially, transmission slipping might just feel like an anomaly. Your engine might surge once or twice a week as you accelerate, or it might feel like you’re losing power or dragging something when you’re driving on the highway. At the start, it’s easy to look past the symptom as a minor glitch of sorts, and that pesky Check Engine light will probably be on.

As the problem inside your transmission gets worse, so do the symptoms. It might operate properly when you first start driving, and then a few minutes into your trip, it acts up. Your engine’s RPMs might be a little higher than normal, and you might feel the transmission shift up and down, trying to find a good gear. When you’re accelerating, it feels like your transmission missed a shift, then suddenly engages. You may feel like you’ve been jarred ahead a little. And when it gets really bad, your car might not accelerate from a stop until you rev the engine up. And when it engages, it does so with a BANG and you lurch ahead.

Transmission Repair Might Not Be the Best Option

A slipping transmission is unpredictable at best, and can put you in an unsafe situation when you drive, you will need transmission repair, replacement, or you can sell your car as-is for a good price. You might be able to get more than you think for a car with mechanical issues, and because transmission repair cost is so high this could be the best option.

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Will a Transmission Flush or Transmission Fluid Change Fix it?

A transmission flush is part of car maintenance, and will only clean your engine. It flushes out debris and built up sludge and replaces old oil in your car. This is meant to prevent transmission problems, and if you have a bad transmission you will likely need more extreme transmission repairs. 

Automatic transmissions are one of the most complex and least understood systems in your vehicle. They require specialized training to be repaired correctly and the cost of labor is at a premium rate because of it. Parts may be only available from the dealership, although if aftermarket components are made, their price isn’t much less.

What Does a Transmission Repair Cost?

A transmission repair is expensive. The transmission needs to be removed from your vehicle, disassembled, and repaired by a technician. It’s then re-installed in your vehicle, and hopefully you don’t have anymore issues.

A typical transmission repair costs varies greatly depending on the number of gears your transmission has, the manufacturer, and the make and model. A rebuilt transmission is usually anywhere from $1800 to $2500 in parts, plus from $450 to $850 in labor costs. This doesn’t account for one of the most costly items - the downtime. You could be without your vehicle for several days or even weeks if parts need to be shipped in.

In transmission repairs, only the failing or worn parts are replaced. Other internal and external components are cleaned up and reused, thus the cost is less than a transmission replacement. This can present an issue because reused parts can fail soon after, and you’re back at the repair shop with another repair bill.

Can I Take It To Transmission Shops Near Me?

Transmission Problems ShiftingThe more reliable solution for a slipping transmission is taking it to a transmission shop for a complete transmission replacement. The serious downside to a whole new transmission is the cost, but there are other options. You can get a remanufactured transmission or have a used transmission installed if you’re looking to save money. Each has its pros and cons.

  • A new transmission, as you’d expect, comes with the most peace of mind. All its parts are unused and it typically comes with a 3-year, 100,000-mile warranty from the manufacturer on parts and labor. It also comes with a hefty price tag. New transmissions can be up to $3500 or more, plus the labor to remove and install.

  • A remanufactured transmission has mostly new parts inside but might have reused major parts, and a reused case. Reman transmissions can carry a 1-year warranty all the way up to the same warranty as new, depending on the manufacturer. The cost, unfortunately, is very close to a new unit, but reman transmissions are usually readily available.

  • Used transmissions can be a great way to save some cash, but there’s a downside: they’re used. You may only have a 90-day warranty or so, and you can never tell exactly how long it’s going to last. Expect a used transmission to be around $800 to $1500 plus the labor to remove and install.

Should I just sell my damaged car?

Should you even bother? A transmission repair or replacement can easily exceed your vehicle’s value, so it may not be worthwhile to repair it at all. Luckily, you have another option. You can sell your car to us as it is, without the inconvenience or out-of-pocket expense for its repair. We’ll make you a guaranteed offer on your car based on its year, make, model, and condition. We’ll take it away for free and pay you for your car on the spot.