Cruise past car dealerships, or the car repair shop on Sunday, and you’ll see "Sunday Hours". Stores still adhere to an age-old practice of operating shorter hours on a Sunday, or keeping their doors completely closed. But your request is different. You need to haul away your car to the junkyard. But is there a junkyard open on Sunday near you, or can you sell your car to an online junkyard

Unfortunately for you, the majority of junkyards in the nation close their gates on Sundays. While their rest is well deserved, it doesn’t change the fact that you’re still trying to sell a car to a junkyard.

In fact, most junk yards open on Saturday even run short hours, and that’s if they’re open at all. It seems like it’s one of the industries that still conforms to the traditional work week while everyone else is running a different rat race.Junk Yards Open Today

Before You Sell Your Junk Car On A Sunday

While your options for selling a junk car on a Sunday are limited, still take the time to prepare yourself and your car for junk car removal while you have some free time.

Start with getting your paperwork in order; the title is the most important document to have on hand. You can’t sell your car to junkyards open today, on Saturday, or a junkyard open on Sunday if you don't have a title in hand.

Also, clean your valuables out of the car. You don’t want to be scrambling to keep all the mementos, clothes, and important documents when your car finally gets hauled off. You don’t have to give your car a complete cleaning or even a car wash, but make sure to take your valuables while you have time on Sunday.

What’s The Best Way To Sell A Junk Car On A Sunday?

You still have the option to sell a junk car on Sunday. At any time of the day, any day of the week, you can request a guaranteed offer from DamagedCars. On the website, you can request an instant no-obligation quote online and get the ball rolling to sell your junk car fast.

Now, if you want to give us a call on the toll-free number instead, we will be happy to take your information and process your car on Monday (since most tow trucks around the nation won't be available to pick up your car on Sunday). You can email for more information if you'd prefer communicating that way.

Junk Car Removal

How can I get an instant quote for my vehicle?

It's simple and it takes less than 90 seconds... click the button below to get started and find out how much your junk vehicle is worth!

Vehicle Pick-up is FREE Nationwide. No Haggle. No Fees. We are A+ rated business at BBB.

Which Cars Will DamagedCars Buy?

You name it, we buy it. It doesn’t matter to DamagedCars which make or model you want to sell, what the mileage might be, or if it has a clean title or not. DamagedCars deals with cars of all types, even the car you believe belongs in a junkyard. Passenger cars, pickup trucks, minivans, sport utility vehicles, or commercial vehicles – we’ll take it off your hands for cash, and fast.

How DamagedCars Does It

You ask for a quote. DamagedCars doesn’t just give you a value for your junk car – we give you a guaranteed offer in cash. Simply fill in your vehicle details including the mileage, condition, make and model, and any additional details requested. In around 90 seconds, you’ll receive that guaranteed offer.

Next, it’s your part. Accept the guaranteed offer. Remember, we can only buy your car if you have a signed title in hand! Once you accept the offer, a DamagedCars representative will make arrangements with you either on the same or next business day. In most cases, you’ll get paid for your car in just 24 to 48 hours.

Finally, DamagedCars will arrange to have your vehicle picked up by one of our tow service partners. There’s no cost to you for the towing at all. Just hand over the title and the keys, your junk car gets loaded up, and it’s done!

You probably won’t find many junkyards open near you on Sundays, but you can still arrange to sell your car to us. It’s easy, it’s fast, and it’s free! Why not request your no-obligation offer right now?


Are Junkyards Open On Sunday?

Most junkyards are independent businesses and, therefore, have the ability to choose their own operating hours. While there are some exceptions, the majority of junkyards will not be open on Sundays. Many will also close early on Saturdays.

Do I Need A Title To Sell My Car To A Junkyard?

Short answer? Yes. The vehicle title is one of (if not the) most important documents when selling your vehicle to a junkyard. Without it, junkyards will refuse to take your vehicle off your hands.