You have a junk car to sell. Cut your losses and get that heap of metal out of your way. You can get some cash back out of its value and all it takes is a bit of knowledge on how to junk your car.

Did You Know?

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How to Junk My Car

Before you sell a junk car for cash, you have a few things you’ll need to it. Don’t worry, it’s nothing super complicated. Doing these few simple steps will help you get money from your junk car.

Get Your Personal Junk Out

No one wants your old sneakers, Big Gulp cups, your ex’s sweatshirt or the mound of receipts and insurance papers packed into the glove box. So, get it out of there. Clean out all the personal stuff in your car. You might need that sweatshirt for a rag, and that old paperwork could come in handy for a firestarter.

A junkyard doesn’t want all the personal stuff, even if you have a Vanilla Ice CD (Ice, Ice Baby) or an extra snowbrush in the backseat. They are a junkyard for cars, not a garbage dump or recycling center. They could refuse your car until it’s been cleaned out, and who has time for that?

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Have the Title on Hand

You’ll need the title - it makes sense. Otherwise, what’s saying you aren’t hauling your neighbor’s car to get cash for junk cars over a dispute?

If you own your car outright, you should already have your car’s title in your possession. If you financed your car and still owe money on it, you’ll need to clear those payments up before you can get your title from the lender. It could take a few weeks after the lien is removed before you’ll get the title.

In any case, you won’t be able to sell a junk car for cash to any junk yard without a title. The good news is that the title doesn’t have to be clear. It can be a salvage or branded title - the junkyard doesn’t care about that.

Pull the Tags

Want to stop paying for your car registration and insurance? You’d better get your car’s tags off before your junk car removal. When your car’s gone, it’s gone for good and you won’t get the tags back. And you’ll have a helluva time trying to cancel your insurance policy and registration without turning your license plates in.

Who Buys Junk Cars?

Who Buys Junk Cars?With your car prepped, you’re now ready to search ‘junkyards to sell my car’. Junking a car seems pretty easy so far, right? Most places have signs up saying ‘we buy junk cars’. You just need to find them.

To find out who you can sell a junk car for cash, browse online for your area or use your local phone book (they still have old copies laying around in some places). One you find someone close by, it’s not too difficult.

Sell a Car to a Junkyard

You’ve found a junkyard who buys junk cars from the public. Some places only pay you for its weight, but others will simply pay you a flat fee. Know what you’re getting into - the flat fee you’re getting could be quite a bit lower than price you get by weight.

After calling or browsing a few places who buy junk cars near me, settle on just one and call them. You need to know exactly what’s required to complete the transaction. Obviously, you’ll need a title, but what else is your responsibility? You might be on the hook for the cost of the tow, or you might need to deliver the car. Some junk yards also require the car to arrive without any fluids in it, and that could be an annoying problem to deal with.

Junk Car Removal

Junk Car RemovalThen, you’ll need to get your scrap car gone. In the odd circumstance, you might be able to drive it to the junkyard, get paid, and leave. But your car might not be in any condition to do that.

Some junk yards will pay for the tow - rather, they account for the cost in the amount of money they pay you. Other junk yards don’t deal with that end of things. You’ll need to make the arrangements to tow your scrap car in.

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