You have a car that’s not going back into service – at least, not for you. It’s an accident car, it has hail damage, or it’s no longer mechanically sound. With repair costs that make it unreasonable to fix, you’re just going to scrap your car. But what are scrap car prices like?

If you’ve been asking yourself, “How much can I get to junk my car”, you probably know the answer isn’t always an easy one to find. Discovering the true value of your junk car can be a challenge, mostly because there isn’t a consistent pricing method. You can’t pull up a site like Kelley Blue Book or NADA Guides to use a car scrap value calculator – it doesn’t exist!

Did You Know?

Junk cars are often sold to salvage yards at scrap metal prices because the owner wants to get rid of the car quickly. You can get better prices for your vehicle with our online evaluation tool.

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How Much Can I Get to Junk My Car?

So, then, how much do you get for scrapping a car? Junk car prices can vary quite a bit because they’re dependent on several factors.

  • Your car’s age: If you’re trying to sell a car to a junkyard that’s a newer model, they may be willing to pay more. There’s a chance your car may be repaired and resold as a drivable vehicle, not just as scrap metal. Also, you may get more for your car if it’s a newer vehicle.

  • Your car’s condition: If your car is bashed up, smashed, or a salvage car that hasn’t been repaired at all, it doesn’t hold much value outside of its metal. But if it’s in nice enough shape to warrant a repair or the parts are in good condition, you can command a slightly higher price.

  • The type of car you own: Some specialty makes and models are worth more, even for scrap car prices. That’s only the case if the junkyard is looking for your specific model, though.

  • The going rate for scrap metal: Most scrap car prices are based on the ever-changing rate for scrap metal. It’s especially the case if your car is in rough shape. You’ll only get paid the going rate for your vehicle based on its weight and the current price of scrap metal. So your cash for car value is probably on the lower end if it’s determined on those prices.

  • The demand for recycled parts: If you have a model that is in high demand for used or recycled parts, you might get more for your car. That’s really only the case if your car is still drivable. Otherwise, there’s not much hope of selling it for recycled parts.

How Much Do Junkyards Pay for Cars?

How Much Do Junkyards Pay for Cars?

How much a junkyard will pay for a car varies because vehicles are so different; junk car prices range from $100 to $10,000 for your car. But don’t immediately think you’ll be cashing a check for $10 grand — Your car has to be pretty special to be worth $10,000 as scrap!

How Much Would a Junkyard Pay for My Car?

Typically, salvage car prices paid out are around $100 to $500. If your junk car is a newer model or in great condition, it could be significantly higher.

How Much Would a Junkyard Pay for My Car?One way to get a very rough idea of the true value of your junk car is a simple calculation. Find your car’s KBB value online, and use the value in fair condition. Now, take 20 to 40 percent of that number. Be honest with yourself about your car’s condition when you consider which percentage to use. That’s a rough idea of your junk car’s true value.

Look at it this way. If your 2006 Ford F150 with 200,000 miles is priced at $1,800 in fair condition but it’s actually junk, take 25 percent of its price in fair condition. You can expect to receive an offer of around $450.

How can I get an instant quote for my vehicle?

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Other Costs You Should Expect

There are costs associated with getting rid of your car too. Wondering how much to junk a car? It depends on where it is, mostly.

You’ll have to pay to have your scrap car towed to the junkyard – it’s often either up to you to arrange, or it comes off the value you’re given. The cost of a tow is affected by your distance to the junkyard. It could be anywhere from $50 and up.

The other consideration is that many scrap yards require your car to be prepped. It means draining the fluids, emptying the fuel tank, and disconnecting the battery. You might have to pay someone to do the prep for you, cutting into the value you’ll get for your junk car.

The Highest Paying for Junk Cars

The Highest Paying for Junk CarsObviously, you’ll want to get the most money back out of your junk car as possible. Call around to local junkyards to get an idea of what you should expect. For the most part, it’s based on how much your car weighs, so the price per ton is what you’ll be comparing. Don’t forget to subtract your potential costs from the estimate.

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Who Buys Junk Cars Without A Title?

Most junkyards will not accept cars without titles and/or registration. There are some workarounds to this issue (such as a Bill of Sale), but usually, a replacement title is necessary in order for them to take that junk car off your hands.

How Do I Know When It’s Time To Junk My Car?

A clear indicator of when it’s time to junk your car and move on is when maintenance and repair costs outweigh the value of the car itself. As cars increase in age and accumulate wear and tear, their value travels in the opposite direction.

If the monthly costs of keeping your wheels on the road are greater than the price tag on it, it might be time to retire your car for good.