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When you have a junk car to sell, there’s a wide range for junk car prices – typically from $100 up to $20,000. The price heavily depends on the vehicle details and most cars are much closer to the $100 range than that upper number.

How do you find out how much money you can get for a junk car? You need to get a junk car price estimate, and one you can take to the bank.

How Much Money Can You Get for a Junk Car?

In a first-century economics book, Publilius Syrus penned the phrase, “Something is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it.” Granted, it probably wasn’t in English at the time, but it still holds true, even for junk cars. Junk car values aren’t set in stone and heavily depend on what someone is willing to pay for your vehicle.Best Price for Junk Cars

That said, there are a few ways to get a good grasp on junk car prices.

Car Price Estimator

If your car is in such rough shape that it isn’t worth repairing anymore, it’s considered a junk car. Most vehicles are bought and sold with the intention that they’ll still be used on the road, and valued as such. You can price them out easily with car price estimator sites like AutoTrader, Kelley Blue Book, NADA Guides, Carfax, and more.

But junk cars aren’t valued in the same way. To determine how much money you can sell your junk car for, you’ll need to make some assumptions about the going rate for junk cars. It’s not completely accurate because, once again, it’s only worth what someone is willing to pay.

Research your car’s KBB value in fair condition, or its rough value on NADA Guides. From there, assess how rough your car is. Look at it this way: most scrap car prices are between 25 and 50 percent of their rough condition pricing. Be honest with yourself – how bad is your car, really?

The other way to price out your junk car is by its weight. Look up its curb weight online, then find the scrap car prices at local wreckers. You can get a good idea of its worth as scrap metal alone.

Salvage Value of Junk Cars

Maybe your junk car isn’t all that bad…on the inside. It might be bashed up and dented, rusting away, and maybe even un-driveable. But is it a special model that’s in high demand or have you just put some new, costly parts into it? Then it might be better off as a salvage car than destined for the scrapyard.

Salvage value is harder to calculate, but it’s potentially more than just scrap value. You’ll need to put some time into finding a person who buys junk cars that’s not just going to crush it into a cube to be recycled.

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How do Junkyards Pay for Cars

When you find a junkyard near you that’s willing to take your car, you’ll need to haul it there to sell it. Then, it can be a challenge to get the money you were quoted for it over the phone.
Junkyards sometimes pay cash for small amounts, which is great…except it’s a small amount. Other times, you’ll be issued a check. In some instances, you’ll be mailed a check after everything gets processed by the computer.
One thing to consider about junkyards – they don’t pay to have your car hauled to the yard. You’re on the hook for the ‘hook’, and that can chew up almost all the money you’ll be getting from the junkyard.

Current Junk Car Prices

How Much Can I Get to Junk My Car Today?

Current junk car prices fluctuate depending on the going rate for scrap metal. It varies day to day, and it can be significant. One day it might be $150, the next $250, and shortly after just $100.
Scrap car prices also depend on the location. Some junkyards pay more for certain things like cars while others specialize in construction scrap and couldn’t be bothered to deal with scrap cars. That means you’ll have to do your due diligence to get a good price for your junk car. That is, if you’re handling it yourself.

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