So you’re trying to sell your damaged or totaled car and you aren’t sure where to go. You found us and you need some clarification on exactly how we operate and for the steps to be made more clear. Understandable; you should always have the relevant information before making a big decision!

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What is & Where Did It Come From?

What is & Where Did It Come From?Our service has been in business for over 10 years. When we created we had a goal to make selling your junk car as easy as can be. We have been accredited by the Better Business Bureau and we have over one thousand reviews on TrustPilot and one hundred on Google Reviews.

The reviews are a great way to gain some insight into how the process of selling your car to us actually works. These are all real people with real experiences with These are all great first-hand experiences but just in case they don’t give you the full idea of how it works, let’s walk through it together.

How Can I Sell My Car to

To start the process you can just click on one of the many “Get An Offer” buttons found around the website. This will begin the steps to filling out our online form to submit to our online calculator. Some details will be asked about the vehicle you are trying to sell such as the year, make, model, history of accidents, and so forth. With the details submitted our car value calculator will give you an instant quote. How neat is that?

We buy less then perfect cars

One of our expert car evaluators will contact you soon after the form is submitted. The evaluator will typically see the offer submitted and see if they can get you a better deal. To help get you one they will likely ask you to take some pictures with your smartphone and send to us through text or email. The pictures will, more often than not, get you a better deal for your car.

How can I get an instant quote for my vehicle?

It's simple and it takes less than 90 seconds... click the button below to get started and find out how much your junk vehicle is worth!

Vehicle Pick-up is FREE Nationwide. No Haggle. No Fees. We are A+ rated business at BBB.

What’s Next?

Once you accept the offer we can schedule a pick up for you in as little as 24 to 48 hours from the time you accepted. We don’t have to pick up your vehicle right away if you have a busy schedule. We are also considered reliable.

The amount for which you accept the offer will be paid to you in full no matter what. There have been cases of other junkyards where the two truck drivers will try to haggle the price down at the last minute.

This can be rather annoying; the driver is already there ready to hook the car for towing when, quite frankly, they pull a fast one and try to get the price lower. It’s hard to say no when the driver is already there with the tow truck.

We have never liked this tactic so we vowed to make sure any driver we send knows that when you have a deal, you have a deal. The amount you agreed on will be the exact amount the check the tow truck driver gives you will be for. Nothing simpler.

That Sounds Reliable. What Is The Cost?

This service costs no money whatsoever! Your eyes don’t deceive you! We don’t charge you anything to use our online car removal service. Even if the only thing you have in your possession is the car and the title that goes with it and nothing else then you could still sell your car to us. From beginning to end the process of selling your car is free so—even if you just wanted to get a quote and nothing else—there is no obligation to continue with the offer you get.

We know how important comfort is to each and everyone one of our clients and customers are. So when you say no to an offer then that’s okay with us and we won’t pursue it further. If you decide to change your mind on the offer then we will always be here ready to give you another one at any time. A Little More On The “Scam”

We can see why it might’ve crossed your mind that we were a scam and that’s understandable. Being cautious is a good thing and we can respect it. We will say, however, that we aren’t just legitimate but also one of the best ways to do it! Our reputation as a reputable service that helps people with damaged cars out is dear to us. If you need your damaged car sold then go ahead and begin filling our online form, today!


How Is Rated? currently has a 4.5 star rating, with the majority of our reviews mentioning how easy it is to sell your car to us with no hassle and excellent customer service.

Is Legit?

DamagedCars has multiple accreditations and association memberships that confirm our legitimacy. Some of those include:

  • Better Business Bureau (A+ Rating)
  • Member of the ARA (Automotive Recyclers Association)
  • Member of the FIADA (Florida Independent Automobile Dealers Association)