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What You Need to Know About Selling a Car that Doesn't Run

Cars don’t last forever. Eventually, they break down and have problems that just aren’t worth fixing. Whether your car has mechanical or electrical issues, your engine is seized, or the small nagging issues are piling up, is in the business of buying cars that don’t work like they used to.

When all you want to do is get rid of the car that’s causing you problems, you have a few options to consider.

You Can Sell Your Undriveable Car On Your Own

People do it every day. It’s possible to sell a car that doesn’t work privately on sites like Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist. It requires placing an ad and enhancing your post with pictures. Most private buyers want a car that works and drives, though, so you could have disappointed tire-kickers checking out your car rather than someone interested in buying a car in as-is condition. It could take a long time and you may need to accept much less money than it’s worth to sell your car.

You Can Also Trade in Cars That Don't Run for Cash

If you’ll be buying a different car from a dealership, you can try to trade in a car that doesn’t run or work right. To have it appraised, it needs to be towed in and inspected. Chances are high that the dealer will either low-ball you for it or refuse to take it on trade.

Have You Ever Thought About Donating A Broken Car to Charity?

If you have a local charity with a vehicle donation program, it makes selling a non-working car easy. However, it isn’t actually a sale. You’ll get a donation receipt for its current market value in as-is condition that you’ll use when you file income tax. The downside is that you’ll only get a portion of its value back, plus you’ll have to wait until tax time to get it.

Alternatively, You Can Trying Scrapping a Non Running Car at a Local Yard

One option that’s always present is to sell your car to a scrapyard or junkyard. Once you bring your car in, its value is assessed based on its weight on an industrial scale. It doesn’t matter what make or model, nor what features or condition it’s in. An average price you’ll get at a scrapyard is a couple hundred dollars.

But What if There Was a Better Way to Get Cash for Cars That Don't Work?

Your best option is the easiest one. You can sell your non-working car online at As the top nationwide damaged cars buyer, you’ll get a fair price for your car in as-is condition from a trusted source.

Steps for Selling Your Non Working Vehicle to

Request an offer. Click on the ‘Get an Offer’ button to start the fast and easy process of selling a less than perfect car.
Complete the required information. You’ll need to provide accurate vehicle details so can give you the best price for our car.
Review the offer. Within about 90 seconds, you’ll get a no-haggle quote for your vehicle as it sits now. Offers are guaranteed for seven days so you don’t have to make a hasty decision.
Accept the offer. When you’re ready, accept the offer. All you need is a title in hand – we’ll take care of the rest.
Collect payment. Within about 24 to 48 hours, you’ll receive payment for your vehicle and watch your vehicle disappear. Selling a car that doesn’t work properly can be a hassle. But with, you can turn your old, non-working, junk car into cash FAST, and without all the fuss.


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