Selling Your Junk Car For Junkyard Prices: The Best Choice?

You’re sick and tired of that piece of junk car that never starts in the morning or you might be pulling out your hair because you chose not to sell your car while it was still roadworthy.

There’s a banged-up wreck sitting at the end of your driveway with a ‘for sale’ sign on it, and there’s absolutely no interest in it for months now. How much can you get for a junk car anyway?

Look, you’ve probably already thought about towing it to a junkyard near you. But there are some costs, some questions, and some concerns you have about it, and rightly so. Let’s see if we can’t clear up some of those questions for you.

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How Much Does A Junkyard Give You For Your Car?

How Much Would a Junkyard Pay for My Car?If you’re looking at the junkyard as an option, you probably already know this…but it’s the end of the road for your car, literally. The junkyard will be scrapping your car, tearing it apart, and either selling it for used parts or selling it for scrap metal. Cars that go to the yard have little value as roadworthy vehicles (because, often, they aren’t) — just as a hunk of metal.

For junk yards that buy cars, the value of that car often comes to its weight and current price of metal. If you want to get a rough idea of how much you’ll get for your specific vehicle, you need to know the curb weight. You’ll find that for some vehicles on the manufacturer’s website under the vehicle specifications, or possibly in your owner’s manual.

Once you have your car’s weight in pounds, divide it by 2,000 (the number of pounds in a ton). Multiply the result by the scrap car prices for your car’s junkyard value.

Average Junkyard Payouts

The average payout junkyards deliver for junk cars will vary based upon a few different factors:

  • Proximity: It costs money to get the car to the junkyard. If you need to get it towed, or if the junkyard has to tow it, you can expect that cost to cut into your profit. Search for “Junk yards that buy cars near me” — if there’s no one close by, within 10 or 20 miles, it could cost you more to tow your car to the junkyard than you’ll get paid.
  • Recycling: There exists a potential for environmental costs when scrapping your car. Some recyclers may require that you get your air conditioning refrigerant recovered, which means the system is emptied safely. Others might want all the fluids drained before you bring it to the junkyard. You’ll have to pay someone to do that for you.

For cars, it can vary around $150 to $250 per ton according to recent market rates. With higher demand, that price could go up for a while. Usually selling your vehicle whole is the better alternative to selling your car for scrap prices.

How To Find A Junkyard That Will Buy Your Car

If you’re looking for junkyard prices near you, your best option is to start calling around and comparing quotes. Different junk yards that pay for cars may have different prices based on a variety of factors, including fees, towing and operational costs.

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How Much Can I Get For My Car At A Junkyard?

If you’re wondering how much a junkyard pays for your car, you need to get a quote. Your best bet is to get prices from junkyards near you for your vehicle, but this could be a time-consuming process.

What Do Salvage Yards Pay For Cars?

Scrap yards typically pay scrap value for a vehicle. How much you can get therefore depends on current scrap metal prices in the industry, your location, as well as whether you have a car, truck, van or SUV.

Generally, the current rate hovers at around $200 per ton, and a car is typically around two tons or more, so you could get somewhere in the ballpark of $400 for the average vehicle, but this could change since the market is constantly fluctuating.

Do Junk Yards Offer Free Junk Car Removal?

Sometimes people think they’ll have to pay to have their car junked, so they’ll call up junkyards to ask “How much to junk a car?” While some junkyards will charge for towing your car, it’s perfectly possible to junk a car for free.

At DamagedCars, all our offers include FREE towing and title transfer, and we come to you to pick up the car in 24 to 48 hours after you accept your offer. It’s that easy.

How Can I Sell My Car To A Local Junk Yard?

You can call your local junkyard and ask how much will the salvage yard pay for a car like yours. Compare quotes from areas around you, pick the one with the most convenient towing option and bring it to them, then collect your payment.

Do Local Junkyards Pay Cash For Cars?

Local junkyards can pay cash for cars, but how much you get paid to junk a car can depend on factors like your location, the current scrap metal market and more.