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How Much do Junkyards Pay for Cars Near Me?

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You’re sick and tired of that piece of junk car that never starts in the morning. Or you might be pulling out your hair because you chose not to sell your car while it was still roadworthy, and now there’s no one willing to buy it from you. There’s a banged-up wreck sitting at the end of your driveway with a ‘for sale’ sign on it, and there’s absolutely no interest in it for months now. How much can you get for a junk car anyway? 

Look, you’ve probably already thought about towing it to a junkyard near you already. But there are some costs, some questions, and some concerns you have about it, and rightly so. Let’s see if we can’t clear up some of those questions for you.

Do Junkyards Buy Cars?

How Much Would a Junkyard Pay for My Car?

You might have been wondering, “How much to junk a car?” The good news is that, even if it’s in terribly, less-than-perfect shape, your car is still worth something. You won’t have to pay someone to take your junk car.

If you’re looking at the junkyard as an option, you probably already know this…but it’s the end of the road for your car, literally. The junkyard will be scrapping your car, tearing it apart, and either selling it for used parts or selling it for scrap metal. That means it has no value as a car to them – just as a lump of metal.

How Much Would a Junkyard Pay for My Car?

For junk yards that buy cars, it comes down to weight in most cases. It’s the same as a refrigerator or spools of wiring in their eyes. You’ll get a little bit of value for your vehicle. It doesn’t matter that the engine still runs or that you just put new brakes on it last fall. But for those who are wondering how much do you get for junking a car, it’s not much.

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Are There Any Costs to Me?

There might be a few things you’ll be responsible to pay.

  • First, it’s the cost to get the car to the junkyard. If you need to get it towed, or if the junkyard has to tow it, you can expect that cost will roll down to you. Search for “Junk yards that buy cars near me” – if there’s no one close by, within 10 or 20 miles, it could cost you more to tow your car to the junkyard than you’ll get paid.

  • There might also be environmental costs for scrapping your car. Some recyclers may require that you get your air conditioning refrigerant recovered, which means the system is emptied safely. Others might want all the fluids drained before you bring it to the junkyard. You’ll have to pay someone to do that for you.

How much do you get for scrapping a car? In the end, not as much as you’d hope.

How Much is a Scrap Car Worth?

How Much is a Scrap Car Worth?Really, how much do you get for junking a car? The price will vary depending on the junk yard closest to you. It changes daily depending on the industry and is usually priced per ton. For cars, it can vary around $80 to $135 per ton. With higher demand, that price could go up for a while. Usually selling your vehicle whole is the better alternative to selling your car for scrap prices.

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How to Calculate Junkyard Value

How to Calculate Junkyard ValueIf you want to get a rough idea how much you’ll get for your specific vehicle, you need to know the curb weight. You’ll find that for some vehicles on the manufacturer’s website under the vehicle specifications, or possibly in your owner’s manual. It is different than the gross vehicle weight rating, or GVWR, that’s on your car’s driver’s door pillar.

Once you have your car’s weight in pounds, divide it by 2,000 (the number of pounds in a ton). Multiply the result by the scrap car prices for your car’s junkyard value.

Who Buys Junk Cars Near Me?

Most junkyards will give you an offer for your car. But if they don’t really need your car, they might lowball you on the price, giving you less than the price by weight. All you need to do to find one of them is a Google search.

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