Is It Possible to Sell A Car that Doesn't Run?

Figuring out what your options are with a non-running vehicle can be a daunting task. Do you have to junk it? Are you forced to let it sit in your driveway until a car enthusiast happens to pass by with cash on hand? Can you even trade it in and get a car that actually works?

All of these questions are rather common in regards to non-running vehicles and, thankfully, have answers of their own.

Do Dealerships Trade For Cars That Don’t Run?

If you have a vehicle that doesn’t run, you may be considering bringing it to a dealership and trading it in for a new vehicle.

Most dealers are looking to accept vehicles that run. This is because their job is to refurbish and then resell vehicles they receive. A non-running vehicle may require significantly more expensive repair work before it can be resold.

Depending on the reason behind why your car doesn’t run, the dealership may not accept it for a trade-in. If they do accept it, you can be sure that the estimated cost of the repairs will be deducted from the trade-in value of the car.

Even for dealerships that do accept non-running vehicles, there are downsides to trying to sell your vehicle directly to them for a trade-in.

For one, if you want to buy a new vehicle, you will be limited to the cars sold by the dealership that will accept your non-running car. Also, they may only pay you the scrap weight of the vehicle rather than take the whole car into consideration.

Selling A Non-Running Car

If you have a broken car, it may be wiser to try to sell your car rather than trade it in to a dealership. However, the process for selling a broken car can be complicated depending on what type of damage your vehicle has. For instance, was it damaged in a car crash or are you experiencing mechanical problems?

If you want to sell your non-running car, you should start by getting estimates from different mechanics to determine what it would take to get the car in running condition. Provide them with details, pictures and videos of the car to get an accurate estimate.

Once you have an estimate, you can start advertising the vehicle online or contacting local scrap yards and junkyards to get estimates. It can take some time to shop around and get a price you like.

You also have the option to part your vehicle out and sell each of them individually, but that can be time-consuming and difficult. Along with separating out the 30,000 parts of your vehicle, you’ll also have to take the time to find buyers for each part. It could be months before you’ve finished.

But what is the value of a vehicle if it can’t even run?

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How Much Is A Non-Running Car Worth?

The value of a car can decrease if it’s not running. However, figuring out exactly how much value it has lost depends on a number of factors. If it costs more than the value of the car in running shape to fix it. For example, if repairs cost more than the value of the car in optimal condition, then few people will see it as a worthwhile investment. In that case, the car’s value is determined by the scrap metal and parts inside it.

However, if the car’s total value as a running vehicle may exceed the amount of money required to repair it, then it may be worth repairing. The best way to determine whether your vehicle has any value is to ask for estimates from mechanics about what it could cost to get it running again.

Does your vehicle need a new engine or transmission? Then the value of the vehicle should probably be at least $5,000 when fully operational. If it’s not worth that much even when running, there’s no point completing the repairs.

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Can You Sell That Car That Won’t Start?

You can! A junkyard will take your non-running vehicle right off your hands. Scrap yards may purchase it and recycle its metal. A dealership may accept it as a trade-in and give you credit towards a new car. Multiple options exist for you and your non-running car!

Can I Sell My Non-Running Car Without A Title?

You’re going to need a title for that car if you want to sell it, regardless of whether it runs or not. Most reputable junkyards, scrap yards, dealerships, and even private buyers won’t purchase a car from you without a title.