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Not all of us are car experts, but there are certain signs of trouble cars may show that should make any driver worry. There’s the dreaded check engine light blinking to life, funny sounds and smells, and or maybe just the feeling your car isn’t driving quite like it used to.

Learn how to recognize the signs of a blown engine and when it's time for a visit to the mechanic's shop with the tips below.

Signs of a Failing Engine

Though we refer to our car’s “engine” as if it’s one piece, an internal combustion engine can be made of hundreds of components that keep the system operating. What this means, unfortunately, is that engine failure can have a number of different sources, and the effort and costs involved in repairing your engine can vary.

Because there’s many different pieces, there’s also many different indications your car may give that it’s time to get a mechanic under the hood.

Strange Sounds: While it seems like a given that any new car your car makes justifies a trip to the mechanic, there’s a few noises in particular you should learn to listen for. One sound you should always take seriously is a knocking sound, especially one that changes with your speed. You should also listen carefully for hissing and popping noises. If your car sounds like it’s running even after being turned off, that’s also cause for concern.

Increased Exhaust: Your car producing visible exhaust, especially in increased volumes, is a clear sign something is wrong. What many drivers may not know is that exhaust can come in different colors, and that those colors can be a good hint of what’s going on before you bring it into a mechanic. Blue exhaust indicates oil burning, white can mean coolant is combusting, and black smoke can indicate excess fuel being burned.

Decreased Performance: The overall performance of your car is something that can take some time to get to know. For drivers who aren’t as car savvy, paying attention to how often you get gas or how easy it feels to accelerate from a red light are some good ways to figure out how your car typically drives. If you’ve noticed your car’s performance has started to suffer — fuel efficiency decreasing or more hesitation during accelerating — these may be signs your engine has started to go. Your car also shouldn’t require a “warm up” time to get going.

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What To Do Next

If you suspect you’re having engine trouble, your first step is to bring your car in to a trusted mechanic and get an estimate of what repairs are necessary and how much it will cost you to get safely back on the road.

The only trouble now is that engine repairs (and especially engine replacements) are notoriously costly. You may be facing a bill for thousands of dollars in repairs, and that’s a major financial decision.

If you’re in the unfortunate position of requiring expensive repairs to keep your car moving, there are some questions you should ask yourself before proceeding next.

Firstly, is your car going to need major repairs later? If your car is older or a model prone to having certain mechanical failures past a certain age, this may not be the only money you’ll be putting into this vehicle.

Second, how much is your car worth? If you’re looking at repairs totaling half or more of what your car is worth in the first place, they may not be worth the investment. Insurance companies even have a term for a car in this condition — “totaled.” Looking up local auction sales in your area for similar vehicles can give you a good idea of what a totaled car can sell for.

If after all of this you’ve realized your car’s repairs aren’t worth making, you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed.

Luckily, it’s easier than ever to make money for totaled or less-than-perfect cars. Rather than shop around for quotes at junkyards or hoping to trade in at a dealership that won’t know what to do with it, you can now sell your car from the comfort of your home.

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