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Can I Trade in A Car With Problems? - How to Sell A Car With Mechanical Problems

To put it simply, a blown engine is an engine that has suffered catastrophic internal mechanical damage. Your engine doesn’t actually blow up, though some immediate symptoms of a blown engine can be smoke, steam and, rarely, fire. Sometimes a piston rod will punch through the wall of an engine block, necessitating an engine replacement.

Broken engines are one of the most costly car problems you can encounter. If it makes sense to sell your damaged car instead of repair, you can get a free car value estimate. Otherwise, read on for more information about blown engines.

How Do I Sell A Car That Needs A New Engine?

Most often, blown motor damage takes the form of a valve breaking and punching through the top of a piston, making a hole. A broken valve will cause incredibly hot, pressurized oil and blue smoke to shoot out of the top of the engine.

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Repairing a blown engine can cost as much as $6,000 or more since the engine likely will need to be replaced. Don't fix it. Sell it. Maximize your time and money by selling your car to us. 

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Who Buys Cars With Blown Engine? - Trade in A Car That Doesn't Run

Possibility two is a connecting rod breaks. A connecting rod is a part that connects the piston to the crankshaft. Because the other pistons may still be connected and firing, the crankshaft will keep spinning at thousands of RPM, forcing the broken piston rod through the wall of the engine block. A broken piston rod will cause the oil to come spilling from the side or bottom of the engine and crankcase. If you're asking yourself 'Did I blow my engine', well, you can expect blue smoke and maybe a small fire here, as well.

How to Tell If an Engine is BlownThe third most common cause of a blown engine is a loss of oil. There are a lot of parts very, very close together moving very, very quickly in an engine. Oil is pretty much the only thing preventing those parts from creating enough friction and heat to melt. If your car loses enough oil, the pistons and other internal moving parts can seize up and stop moving, causing tremendous damage to your engine. Loss of oil is dangerous.

Loss of coolant can wreak havoc on an engine, as well. The coolant works to keep the operating temperature of your engine low enough for the oil to do its job. If your car is burning coolant, you'll see white smoke coming from the exhaust. Oil that is too hot is almost as bad as no oil at all.


What to Do With A Car With A Blown Engine?

There are six main symptoms of a blown motor to look for. If you have any suspicion of engine damage, here is how to tell if an engine is blown.

1. The Check Engine Light is On.

Blown Engine SymptomsThis one is pretty obvious in theory. But, most people ignore their check engine light. If that little light on your dash turns on, you need to get yourself to a mechanic, dealership or auto parts store ASAP. There someone can plug a scanner into your car and read the error code. The code may tell you how urgent a repair might be.

2. Burning Oil / Using a Lot of Oil 

If your car is using up more oil that it should be, that's a bad sign. You could have a blown head gasket or a leak somewhere else. In any case, losing oil can lead to a blown engine. Find that leak or find why you're burning oil (maybe because of a coolant leak) and get it taken car of before you blow your engine for good.

3. Burning Coolant

No coolant means you engine will be running too hot which could cause you to burn oil or, worse, you engine could seize all-together. A blown head gasket, damaged cylinder hear or crack engine block could all lead to burning coolant. Keep an eye out for thick white smoke. That's a surefire sign of burning coolant.

4. Suddenly Getting Bad Fuel Economy

While the cause could be simple, any time you suddenly get really bad fuel economy, you should look for the cause, which could be a much worse problem than just a bad tank of gas.  

5. A Veritable Rainbow of Odd Smoke Coming from Your Exhaust

Black smoke means you're burning too much gas or diesel.
Blue smoke means you're burning oil.
White smoke means you're burning coolant.

In all cases, it's probably to get your car to a mechanic to determine the cause before it's too late. All three colors of smoke can point to symptoms of an engine that's about to blow. 

6. Engine Knocking Noise

Your engine is basically a bunch of well regulated explosions that are impeccably timed. If a bad cylinder is throwing off that timing, you'll hear a very clear knocking noise. That's bad. You might as well sell your car to right now.

For a more detailed look at the symptoms of a blown engine, we have a post dedicated to that topic here. Take a look. 

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Steps for Selling A Car With Blown Engine - How to Sell Car With Bad Engine

What happens when a car engine blows?Short answer: nothing good. At the moment the engine blows, you'll likely hear quite a loud noise. Then your engine will stop running. One common symptom of a blown engine is blue smoke coming from the engine. That's the oil burning. It'll smell rather acrid, like (surprise, surprise) something burning. And, it the worst situations, there may be a bit of fire. 

No matter the cause of your blown engine, the end result is pretty much the same, your engine is effectively destroyed. You might have a hole is the top, side or bottom of your engine. The moving parts of your motor might be seized, never to move again. Basically, you either need a great mechanic or a new engine because your engine will no longer run. Is A Place to Trade in Cars With Bad Engines

A blown engine will sound silent because it won't be running. But, if motor it's on its way to blowing, you'll likely hear a clicking noise, that's a blown rod symptom. Listen for the blown rod in the engine. If you hear that, you should probably stop driving your car and see the help of a good mechanic. 

What's The Value of A Car With A Bad Engine?

If your car has a broken rod, the car will no longer be able to run. The engine will attempt to rotate, "throwing" the loose rod within the engine block. After a piston rod is thrown, it will often smash a hole in the engine block or hit the cylinder head. Typically your engine will seize and you're stuck with a broken engine. And of course, you won't be able to drive without a working engine. Engine damage can be so significant to your car's value, you may start asking "what is the salvage value of my car". You should be able to get more than the salvage price though.

How Much Is A Car Worth Without An Engine? Who Buys Cars That Don't Run?

If the internal damage to your motor hasn't done any permanent damage, you can usually repair the cause of the problem. You can replace the head gasket, repair any cracked piston heads or root out the cause of the problem before anything catastrophic happens. That's the unlikely scenario.Fix a Blown Engine

More likely, once there are any signs of a blown engine something bad has already happened, and you have a hole somewhere on your engine block, your pistons have seized to the inside of the cylinders, or there's been a bit of a fire. In those cases, you'll need to replace the entire engine.

Trade in Non Running Cars - Sell Non Working Car to

Replacing the engine is a somewhat costly endeavor. You might get lucky and pick up a used engine for around $1,000 to $2,000. But, if you need a new engine or have a luxury car, you're looking at $4,000 to $6,000 or more. If you have a high performance or exotic car, you might be looking at a five-figure hit.

How to Sell A Car That Doesn't Run - Trade in Broken Cars for Cash

Almost any junk yards that buy cars near you should accept a car with a blown engine. However, since they are in the business of junk, they'll be looking to give you scrap car prices since you'll really be scrapping your car. Rather than taking those prices from car junk yards near you, you can check your car's value online.

Sell Broken Cars - Trade in A Car That Doesn't Run

You can have your car repaired. But, there's a good chance the repairs might cost more than your vehicle is worth. will make you a guaranteed offer for your car, blown engine and all. We have over 11 years experience buying cars that don't run and mechanically damaged cars. We're also the best option if you just don't want the hassle of repairing your car, or you don't want to deal with the diminished value of your auto resulting from having an engine replacement on your vehicle history report.

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