A Quick Guide to Most Major Engine Problems that Cars Have

Is your engine seizing up? The problem might be more serious than you think. Find out what expensive car engine problems you might be dealing with. If the cost of fixing your car costs too much, discover where you can sell your damaged car fast an...


What Should I Do If My Transmission Is Going Bad?

You’re driving down the road and suddenly your check engine light comes on. Is there a problem with your engine, or do you have a transmission problem on your hands?


Is My Car Worth Fixing? How Do I Know if I Should Repair or Sell My Car?

Do you have a car with major mechanical or physical problems? It might be time to junk it and get a new one instead. Find out when it’s worth repairing your car and when it’s time to replace it. Learn why selling your old vehicle to Da...


Will Cash For Clunkers Come Back In 2020?

Is the cash for clunkers program making a comeback? Find out what the government is considering and what you can do to get paid for your old car. Learn why selling to DamagedCars is the best option for you right now!


How To Get Rid Of A Car With Problems For Free

If you have a car that’s giving you headaches, you might wonder what your options are for getting rid of it. Find out how you can dispose of your unwanted vehicle without getting any charges. Learn why selling it to is the be...


Here's A List of Common Toyota Tacoma Problems You'd Encounter

Want to know what Toyota Tacoma problems you’re most likely to face? Find out which models are most prone to engine failure, transmission troubles and more. Learn why selling your damaged vehicle to is the right solution for ...


We Buy Broken Cars Running or Not

Stuck with a broken-down vehicle? We help thousands of people just like you get cash for their cars in any condition.

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