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What Kind of Issues Am I Likely to Face with A Tacoma?

The Toyota Tacoma is a popular truck. However, that doesn’t mean it’s free of problems. You might have noticed that your vehicle requires more repairs than you’d expect it to for its age and mileage.

You’re not alone - thousands of Toyota Tacoma drivers have reported various problems with their cars, ranging from major transmission issues to minor radio problems. Learn what common Toyota Tacoma problems you might encounter in the sections below.

Toyota Tacoma Transmission Problems

transmission in a red housingMultiple model years of the Tacoma have racked up numerous complaints about the transmission’s performance. A few drivers have reported 2019 Toyota Tacoma transmission problems.

The most common problem reported is a jumpy transmission, which can make driving unpleasant. No solution to this problem has been found yet. Additionally, drivers might be concerned that such a new car is already developing a problem with a major component.

The 2017 Toyota Tacoma has dozens of complaints related to the transmission. The most common complaint is that the vehicle does not shift properly. The same complaints appear in the 2016, 2009 and 2007 model years of the vehicle. This could be caused by a variety of factors and can lead to more serious mechanical errors down the line.

Transmissions are a particularly expensive and important component of your car. Repairing a transmission can easily cost $1,000 or more. Replacing a transmission that goes bad could cost you more than $4,000. If your Tacoma’s transmission is giving you a headache, that could be a major warning sign of problems ahead./p>

Toyota Tacoma Engine Problems

view of the timing system of the internal combustion engineA few model years of the Tacoma have more problems than others. These include the 2016, 2017 and 2009 models. One thing these model years all have in common? Engine problems.

Drivers are reporting that their engines are shuddering excessively and making loud noises while operating. Specifically, drivers say they hear a loud ticking noise akin to a diesel engine. Unfortunately, multiple mechanics and dealerships have informed Tacoma owners that there’s no obvious fix to this problem. Toyota has refused to provide a solution to frustrated car owners.

Ticking sounds can be more than just a nuisance while driving on the road, however. It can also be a warning sign of major engine failure.

Another recurring problem is aggressive vibrations in the engine. This may be related to the engine’s ticking noise. Some drivers report that the vibration is so strong, it leaves their hands feeling numb.

suspension and brakes viewThis can damage the alignment of the car’s axle over time. The problem may be related to bad engine mounts in the car, which can cost $500 or more to replace. Unfortunately, this is another problem that Toyota has refused to help drivers with. That means if your car is giving you engine problems, you will be on the hook for the repair bill.

The 2017 Toyota Tacoma has a uniquely unfortunate engine problem. The vehicle may surge randomly, leaving drivers at risk of an accident. Unfortunately, like many other engine and transmission problems in the Tacoma, there is neither an apparent cause nor an apparent fix for this issue.

Toyota Tacoma Radio Display Problems

woman changing the volume on the car radioFor some reason, the Tacoma’s radio and center display seems to be quite buggy. The 2009 model year in particular has numerous problems with the radio.

Drivers report that the radio will randomly turn on or go off without warning. They also complain that the volume button stops working. This can be a major nuisance for drivers, particularly on longer trips.

The same problem shows up on occasion in other model years, including the 2016 and 2017 Toyota Tacomas. However, it is most widely reported in the 2009 model.

In some cases, drivers have attributed the problem to the soy-based electrical wiring covers. Owners complain that the soy attracts rats, causing them to chew through the wires and create electrical problems in their cars.

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Should You Sell Your Toyota Tacoma With Problems?

the resigned woman rests her head on her hands hung on the steering wheelIf your Toyota Tacoma is giving you headaches, it might be time to consider selling it. Certain car problems, including engine and transmission problems, are often not worth fixing.

Additionally, if your car has developed numerous problems in a short span of time, you can expect to spend a lot more money repairing it in the future.

Rather than doling out thousands of dollars trying to keep your Tacoma in working order, consider selling it for fast cash. You can take the money you get selling your vehicle and combine it with the savings from avoiding expensive repairs. Then you can purchase a new vehicle with less problems.

You have a variety of options to sell your damaged Toyota Tacoma. For instance, you can trade it in to a dealership, sell it to a private individual or sell it to an online car buyer. If your car is severely damaged, you may also be able to sell it to a junkyard or scrap yard.

However, keep in mind that not all options are made equal. Junkyards and scrap yards may only offer you the scrap metal value of your car. That means they won’t consider its year, make or model.

Dealerships may offer you a better trade-in value, but then you’re locked into purchasing cars that they offer. Selling to a private individual can get you a better price in some cases. However, you will have to schedule a time for potential buyers to come test your car. Additionally, if the car is no longer running, you will have to negotiate who covers the cost of towing.

Why Sell Your Damaged Car Online?

Selling your damaged car online is often the easiest choice. This is because you can get a quote quickly and avoid the fuss of having to visit a store in person. However, not all online car buyers are made equal.

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How To Sell Your Toyota Tacoma To

Selling your damaged Toyota Tacoma to is simple. All you have to do is get a quote by filling out our form. It takes less than 90 seconds. If you include photos of your car and its VIN, we’ll guarantee our offer.

Once you have the offer, you can decide if you want to sell or not. You can also take some time to think it over if you aren’t sure you want to sell your car yet.

Our offers are guaranteed for seven days, so you have time to compare quotes. Quotes from come with no obligations.

Once you’re ready, our associate buyers can help you schedule a pickup at a time that works best for you. Once the tow truck driver arrives, all you have to do is hand over the keys and the title. You’ll get paid on the spot with a check.

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