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Should I Fix My Car Before I Trade It In?

Whether you should fix your car or not before you trade it in depends on the condition of the car. If your car has some minor body damage or easy-to-fix mechanical problems, fixing it before trading it in may allow you to get a better trade-in value.

However, if your car is seriously damaged, fixing it could cost several thousand dollars. Additionally, chances are even after you repair your car, its trade-in value will be less than you spent on the repairs.

Most companies that accept trade-ins are hoping to repair and resell the vehicles. If your vehicle requires a lot of work to repair and resell, there’s a good chance the company will send it to auction instead. In that case, you may only receive the vehicle’s scrap metal value as a trade-in offer. If that is the case, attempting to fix it may be a waste of money.

What Is My Car’s Trade In Value After An Accident?

A damaged car’s trade in value depends on the type of damage it has. A car with minor body damage, such as dents or scruffs, will be worth significantly more than a vehicle with a destroyed frame or undercarriage.

Unless you were only involved in a minor fender bender, there is a good chance the car accident has totaled your car. If that is the case, the vehicle’s value dropped significantly. If you have been in a car accident and want to trade in your damaged car, you may have to accept an offer for its scrap metal value.

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Should I Sell Or Trade In My Damaged Car?

When you trade in a damaged vehicle to a company that buys and sells used cars, you are generally obligated to purchase a car from their limited stock.

Additionally, its car prices might be slightly inflated due to the fact that the companies will generally spend some time repairing and refurbishing vehicles they buy in order to sell them again.

Finally, if you are trading in a damaged car, you can expect to receive only a fraction of what a newer vehicle might be worth. You may only receive a couple hundred dollars of the price of your new car.

By choosing to sell your car rather than trade it in at a dealership, you can get quotes from more locations. This allows you to get a better idea of what value your car may have. Additionally, you are not obligated to purchase any particular vehicle when you sell your car independently.

Should I Fix My Car Before Selling It?

You might wonder if you would get more benefit out of fixing your car before selling it rather than trading it in. Unfortunately, the answer is the same in both situations. Minor wear and tear should be repaired if possible. Serious problems are costly enough that they’re not worth addressing.

You can attempt to clean up a damaged vehicle to make it look nicer when selling it privately. However, if your vehicle is seriously damaged, whether from a car accident or due to mechanical problems, it has lost a significant portion of its value.

If it was in a serious car accident, chances are it cannot safely be rebuilt at all. Therefore, you might only be able to sell it for its scrap value.

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