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What Are Reasons Your Car Won’t Start?

worried woman sitting in car with hands leaning on steering wheelNothing is worse than going to your car in the morning, five minutes late for work, getting in and realizing it won’t turn on. You can try and turn the key as many times as you want, but for some reason, the engine won’t kick in and your car sits uselessly in its spot.

What’s the cause, how hard will it be to fix and how long will it be before you have a working car again? If it’s a minor issue, you might be able to fix your car and start driving again in the next couple of days. However, in some cases you might be out of your vehicle for a week or more. In a few unfortunate cases, you might need a new vehicle.

Minor Reasons A Car Doesn’t Start

  1. You’re Out Of Gas

    the fuel gauge indicates an empty tankSometimes the simplest answers are the truest. Sometimes, your car doesn’t want to start because you forgot to put gas in it and finally ran it dry.

    Check your needle. If you’re not sure, there’s an easy and cheap way to test whether or not this is the case: put some gas in it! You don’t need much, just a gallon or so.

    If adding gas to your vehicle doesn’t help you start the car, then it’s time to look at other options for why your car doesn’t want to turn on.

  2. Your Battery Is Dead

    If your car battery is dead, your vehicle won’t be able to turn on. Instead, it won’t make any noise. In some cases, you might have trouble turning on when your battery is nearly dead. In that case, your car might make a few cranking sounds but fail to fully turn over.

    There’s a quick fix and a permanent fix for this. The quick fix is to jump start your car with some jumper cables and another car’s batteries. The permanent fix is to replace your dead battery and get a new one. Batteries generally cost under $200 to buy and install.

  3. Your Fuel Filter Is Clogged

    filters lying on asphalt on a background of a blue carIf your fuel filter is clogged, your car can’t pull fuel from the tank to start up. If your car is hard to start, that could also be a sign that the filter is clogging up.

    Luckily, this is more of an inconvenience than a major problem. You should be replacing the fuel filter once a year on average anyway, so the cost should be factored into your regular car maintenance.

    It costs around $150 to have a mechanic replace the filter. You can do the work yourself to save on labor costs. Once it’s replaced, your car should run efficiently again.

Major Reasons A Car Won’t Start

  1. Your Fuel Pump’s Bad

    A bad fuel pump could be the reason your car won’t turn over. However, there are typically a few warning signs before you reach this point. For instance:

    • Have you heard a loud whining sound from your vehicle?

    • Have you heard your engine sputtering?

    • Has your vehicle stalled at high temperatures?

    • Has your car surged unexpectedly while driving?

    When the fuel pump is broken, your car will crank but won’t start. Unfortunately, the cost of replacing the fuel pump can be anything from $700 to $1,000 or more.

  2. The Alternator’s Busted

    mechanic working on engine near alternatorSometimes, a dead battery is actually a sign of a bigger problem. The alternator helps generate electricity for the vehicle, keeping your battery running longer. When the alternator goes, your battery will soon follow.

    Like the fuel pump, there are often warning signs that your alternator is going. For instance:

    • Have your car’s lights been flickering or dimming when on?

    • Are your electrical systems, like the power to your car window, slowing down?

    • Are you hearing odd squealing or grinding noises?

    • Does your engine stall unexpectedly?

    Unfortunately, replacing your alternator can cost up to $1,000, making this one expensive fix. If your vehicle is older, replacing the alternator may not be worthwhile.

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What To Do With A Non-Running Car

worried woman talking on the phone standing in front of the car with the hood openIf your car doesn’t run and repairing it costs too much, chances are your best choice is to sell it. You can get paid for a non-running vehicle because chances are there are still reusable parts in the car. Additionally, recyclers can remove and melt down the metal in your car so it can be used in other products.

It’s a good idea to start getting quotes for your car from local junkyards and dealerships. You can also go online and get quotes from online car buyers. This is often the easiest way to get a fast offer on your vehicle, since you don’t need to schedule an in-person appraisal.

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