As difficult a time as this may be, the best plan is to stay calm and, if possible, get yourself excited about the possibilities of a new vehicle. If the financial burden of a new car is getting you down, you may be comforted to find out you can make more on your totaled car than what your insurance company offered you.

The first thing that’s helpful to know is what exactly your car being totaled means to you and to your insurance company so that you understand what your other options are. One of the most important responsibilities your insurance company has to you is compensating you for the market value of your vehicle if you’ve been in an accident and your car isn’t fixable. This process is known as “making you whole.”

What many drivers don’t realize is that their cars aren’t necessarily totaled because they’re no longer drivable. When a car is totaled, it’s not just badly damaged. Totaling is an insurance term used to refer to cars that have damage that incurs repair costs exceeding a certain percentage of the car’s market value.

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That percentage varies between companies, but it’s usually somewhere between 40 to 70 percent. Because totaling can be resultant from something as simple as deployed airbags, cars that are totaled are usually still made up of perfectly fine parts.

When your insurer totals your car; the check they send you to make you whole will be the amount of your car’s value minus your deductible. In this process, your insurer also buys your car from you.

Usually, they’ll turn around and sell it for a low cost at auction. At this juncture, you have the opportunity to buy back your car from your insurer so you can sell it yourself at a better rate.

Instead of receiving your car’s value minus your deductible, you’ll get a check for the car’s value minus the deductible and the amount your insurer believes they would’ve made for it at auction. This means less money for you upfront, but you’ll receive your car back along with a salvage title allowing you to sell it elsewhere and ultimately maximizing the money you make.

Who Buys Totaled Cars?

This is a great question, especially if you’re used to selling working cars to private buyers or trading in at your local dealership. What’s important to remember is that cars are massive, complicated machines — and they’ve got value beyond their ability to get you around. No one knows that better than junkyards and car salvagers.

When your car goes to a junkyard, it starts a whole new journey. First, all the parts from your car that are still working (and there are probably many!) are separated to be sold in the used parts market.

These used parts reduce the demand for new materials and manufacturing and save your fellow drivers a lot of money. Used car parts on average sell for 20 to 80 percent less than their new counterparts!

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Next, all the recyclable parts of your car are separated and melted down. That includes metals like the aluminum in the frame, the rubber from tires, glass from windows and windshields, and plastic from the interior. There’s a rising demand in the auto manufacturing industry for these recycled materials as more car companies turn their focus to environmentally friendly vehicles.

All the toxic fluids that kept your car running are drained and disposed of properly, preventing soil and water pollution. Last, the non-recyclable parts of your car are crushed down into a ball no bigger than your fist. For those with a sentimental attachment to their car, it can be helpful to remember that your car has many years left on the road once it’s been recycled — just in new forms.

How to Sell Your Car

Selling your car to a junkyard can be quick and easy if done right. If you opt to go the traditional route, you’ll need to call every junkyard in town and ask for a quote over the phone to make comparisons. Be wary of anyone who asks you to bring your car in for an inspection, offers you deferred payment, or insists you pay for towing.

If you want to skip all the hassle, you can sell your car from the comfort and safety of your own home. All you need is access to a smartphone or computer and internet access!

To sell your car, head over to and upload pictures of your totaled car and its VIN. You’ll get a free, guaranteed quote in just 90 seconds! only works with trusted buyers in your area, ensuring you make a safe sale for the best price possible.

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