But what happens when your car is far from pristine condition? What if your car has been bumped around on the road, or it leaks more fluids than it keeps inside? What do you do with a junk car?

Did You Know

Getting rid of junk cars while getting a fair price for them is often frustrating. People don’t want to pay top dollar for junk cars, and used car dealers are skeptical to give money for a damaged vehicle.

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Trading In a Car

The best situation for trading in a car is when it’s in average condition. It’s already depreciated a bunch but it still has decent car trade in value. The dealership is typically looking to take your car on trade so they can recondition it, put it on their used car lot, and sell it for profit.

Trade In Value of a Car

The trade in value of car is determined by its Kelley Blue Book valuation, or a tool similar to it. Be aware - it’s not the amount of money that you can sell a car for. It’s a lower price that accounts for dealer profits, reconditioning costs, and title and paperwork costs.

You’ll get less money by trading in a car than if you sell it yourself. What makes it so popular is that it’s easy to do.

How can I get an instant quote for my vehicle?

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Trade In Car for Cash

If you’re not looking for a replacement vehicle, you might think you’re going to trade in car for cash. But essentially, you’re just selling your car to a dealership. Some places will pay your car trade in value in cash, but only if they actually want your car.

When you trade in a car, the dealership profits twice - by selling a car to you and by reselling the car you’re trading in. When you’re only selling them your car, they don’t make as much money. So, you’ll probably get less money selling your car to the dealership than if you were to buy a car too.

Trading In a Car with Problems

But what happens if your car has problems? Trading in a car with problems isn’t as easy. Most dealers don’t want the headache of fixing up a car with extensive issues, and will just sell your car to a wholesaler for junk car value.

Whether your car has a junk or salvage title and runs well, it has major running issues, or it looks like it played pinball on the freeway, trading in a car with problems substantially hurts your car trade in value. The dealer will lowball you or might even tell you they don’t want your trade in at all.

How Much is a Junk Car Worth?

There’s no hard and fast valuation tool for a junk car. How much is a junk car worth? It’s hard to accurately give a number, but here are a few ideas you can follow.

How Much is My Car Worth Trade In?

How Much is My Car Worth Trade In?
  • Determine your car’s Kelley Blue Book value. You’ll find a valuation tool on the KBB.com website. Provide honest responses about your car’s condition.

  • Once you have the KBB value, determine cost of the repairs your car needs. Search for the average cost online. For example, search ‘average repair cost oil pan gasket’.

  • Deduct the cost of the repairs from your KBB valuation for a rough idea of your junk car value.

Should I Trade In My Car?

If you’re looking for the best price for junk cars, you won’t find it by trading in a car at a dealership. They’re in the business of making money, not giving you more than they’ll recoup on the purchase.

Unless your car runs and drives, and there’s a good chance it will once again be roadworthy, there’s no point in trading it in.

DamagedCars is Better

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