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While it’s not very common yet, it IS possible to sell your car online. If you want to know how to sell a car in a non-traditional way, here are some of the best online car buying sites you can choose.

What Places to Sell My Car Online Are Out There?


One of the well-advertised car websites that offer to buy your car is CarMax. They are among the top online car dealers, selling hundreds of vehicles on the world wide web. CarMax also offers to buy your car from you, whether you buy a car from them or not.

What you do is fill in your vehicle information on their website. Once you provide all your details, you set a time to bring your car into one of their locations for an appraisal. From there, you can either accept their offer or not.Online Car Dealers

While the start of the process is online, you still need to visit one of their stores for an appraisal. That means it’s not truly a way to sell your car online.


If you’re buying another car anyway, Vroom is a good choice. They’re one of the popular car selling websites because the complete process, start to finish, is online. Financing, vehicle delivery – it’s all done from the comfort of your home.

They’ll even take your trade without having to visit a dealership. An appraisal is done online while you’re completing your car purchase. The catch with the Vroom online car purchase and trade-in is just that: you have to buy a car from them. There’s no option simply to sell them a car while you sit at home or the office. And determining your car trade-in value works differently than selling a car.


Like Vroom, Carvana is one of the top car selling websites there are. They also advertise that you can either trade in or sell your car to them.

On the website, you simply fill in your vehicle information, starting with either the VIN or the license plate number. Once you fill in the rest of your details, you’re given a RANGE of values for your vehicle, according to the Fair Market Value.

There are a couple of problems. The first is that if you're trying to get rid of an old car,  an old car probably won’t result in a value at all. The second is that you need to be within 100 miles of a Carvana location or be willing to meet them within 100 miles of one.

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A Couple Other Car Selling Websites


The most popular of the car selling websites is, and it has been for some time. It’s super easy to list your vehicle on their website because it’s almost all form data. Click this, enter information there, upload a few pictures – there’s not much you can do to screw it up.

The big problem is that you still need to sell your car yourself. People will call, text, or email you to inquire about it, and you’ll still need to complete the sale on your own. It’s highly visible, which is excellent. But to stand out from the dozens of other cars just like yours, you’ll need to pay for the premium listing services they offer.


If you don’t want to pay anything to list your car online, the best option you have is Craigslist. It’s that simple website that allows you to post whatever you want (within reason) and completely customize your listing at your leisure.

First, you’re going to get lowball offers. People shop Craigslist to get a great deal.

Sell Your Old Car Online

Second, you’re going to have ghost offers. People will shoot you a price, wait for you to accept or reject it, then never get back to you about buying it.

Third, it’s entirely up to you to create your listing. You can enter as much or as little information as you want. There are no templates and no guidance to help you sell it fast. This might not be the best way to get top value for your car.

The True Best Way to Sell Your Damaged Car Online Pays Top Dollar for junk cars

There’s a better way to sell your car online. It’s Damaged Cars, and it’s especially helpful for damaged or old cars. You don’t have to deal with shady buyers, and there is no need to haggle with anyone. Damaged Cars will offer you a fair price for your car in as-is condition. You can accept it or reject it – there’s no pressure.

If you accept your Damaged Cars offer, you don’t need to take it anywhere for an appraisal or to drop it off. You don’t have to buy a car from Damaged Cars. Your vehicle will be picked up from where it is at no charge to you, and you’ll have a check before it leaves your sight! Get your guaranteed offer instantly online!