But you’re not keeping that car forever, and it’s something you don’t think about when you make the purchase. When you want to replace your car with a new model, how are you going to sell it? What’s the best way to sell a car?

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There are options out there for selling a car. To be honest, a couple of them suck, but they’re still options. Here are a few places to sell cars as well as the best way to sell a car.

Where to Sell a Car

Steel your nerves. The first few options for selling a car can get you cash in hand for your car, but you’re going to discover a pain point along the way.

Selling a Car Privately

Selling a Car Privately

Write up a car ad, put it in the paper, or create one of those paper ads with the tear-away numbers on the bottom. Put a ‘For Sale’ sign on the windshield at the end of your driveway. And now you wait. Eventually, when you’re selling a car privately, someone will respond but it could take a while. Until then, you’re going to be stuck with your old car.

Once someone inquires about your car for sale, you have a whole rigamarole to deal with. There are emails and phone calls, questions about options and condition, and arranging to meet at a mutually acceptable time and location.

Then you’ll need to trust the tire-kicker with your car for a test drive. If they’re still interested, you’ll have to endure lowball negotiations. And once you finally agree on a price, you have to hope they’ve got access to the money already lined up.

It might get you some money, but it’s certainly not the easiest way to sell a car.

Did You Know

Putting money into repairs on a junk car will not often yield returns when selling it. Instead, selling your junk car online might be the best cash value you can get.

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Sell a Car Online

Much like selling a car privately, trying to sell a car online is great when it goes smoothly. But…that seldom happens. You still need to list your car online on car selling websites. Whether it’s Craigslist, CarMax, or some other site, details have to be posted and you have to be available for communication at all hours, every day.

You’ll get offers for your car when you try to sell it online – more than you know what to do with. Most are way too low, but the occasional one is on the money. Good luck actually completing the sale though. Often, when you sell a car online, the ‘buyer’ gets cold feet as soon as you agree to the offer.

Plus, the deal isn’t done until the ink is dry on the bill of sale and title. There’s still a test drive, negotiation, and financing to deal with before it happens. Not the best way to sell a car, that’s for sure.

Sell My Car for Parts

If you have a junk or scrap car, or there’s no chance of selling it in as-is condition, you might want to sell it for parts. The end result can be great…if you can sell all the good parts. That can take months or years to do. And really, how much more will you make by selling your car for parts?

In the meantime, you have a disassembled car in your parking spot that you can’t drive and looks like trash. Your landlord will hate you and the neighbor kids could hurt themselves on the rough edges. Not ideal.

Sell Your Car to a Junkyard

Sell Your Car to a Junkyard

That junk car could make you a few bucks at the junkyard. It might be the fastest way to sell a car because you don’t have to do anything to the car. You just need the title and a tow to the junkyard.

But you’re not getting rich by selling a car to the junkyard. You’re not even getting what your car is worth as a car – just what it’s worth as scrap metal. Think about what you’d consider an insulting offer for your car. Then cut that insulting offer in half. Then halve it again. That’s roughly what you’ll get at the junkyard, plus you’ll still have to pay for the tow to get it there. There has to be a better way, right?

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