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How To Sell A Damaged Car Online

Sell A Car That Needs Work Online

Selling a car online. Seems like a simple prospect, doesn't it? The problem is, there are a lot of services that claim they can help you to sell your car online. And, most of them focus on selling your used car.

If you have a damaged car, a car that has recently been in an accident, a junk car, a salvage car or a car with blown head gasket that isn't worth the cost or hassle to repair, the number of options to sell your car online dwindles dramatically.

That doesn’t mean it’s impossible to sell your vehicle online. It just means you’re going to have to do a little more digging to find the best way to sell your car that needs work.

How To Sell My Car Fast And Online In 3 Steps

Enter vehicle details

By filling out our form with accurate information on DamagedCars.com, we can give you an instant offer on some vehicles or contact you with a guaranteed offer shortly after you click “Submit for Offer.”

Accept your Offer

Happy with the offer? Provide proof of ownership, and we will schedule the pick-up of your car and deliver the payment at the same time.

Get paid!

We will hand you a check during the car pick up.

What To Know About Selling A Broken Car Online

Sell My Car OnlineIf you’re trying to figure out how to sell an old car that needs work and you’re looking online, you’ve already figured out that it’s faster and easier to find a website to sell your car versus looking for a dealership or junkyard. But not all websites for selling cars online for cash are made equal.

For one thing, many websites just plain don’t specialize in trading in cars that need repairs. They may be able to make an offer for your vehicle, but it won’t necessarily be a fair market rate. You need to figure out who buys cars that need repairs online — but even if you do, you still need to narrow your options down.

Some websites that specialize in buying junk cars will work with unreliable local vendors to try to sell their cars, which means even if you can get an offer, trying to complete the sale can be a pain. Others are unreliable with payment, which means you could get a bad check you won’t be able to cash. Still others are just too new and untested to know if you can really trust them to make the experience worthwhile.

The best way to sell your car online for free is to find a website with all of the following:

  • A strong, reliable partner network
  • A history of reliability and easy payments
  • A strong, positive online reputation

We don’t mean to brag, but we think we have the solution for you.


DamagedCars: The Best Place To Sell A Car Online

We'll Help You Sell Your Car Online For Free

Is it Worth it to Sell Your Car Directly to BuyersHands down, DamagedCars is the best place to sell a car online. We buys damaged cars online every day, so selling a car online is easy, and fast. Plus, we offer free towing and can pick your car up at your location within 24-48 hours and you get paid on the spot!

Just fill out the form to start the process to sell a car online by getting a guaranteed offer. It doesn't matter if you have a wrecked car, a bad transmission or a blown engine, we never charge any fees for towing. In fact, there are no hidden fees at all to buy your car.

With DamagedCars.com, we pay you to buy your car, not the other way around. Check out our process page for details.

Because repair isn't always the best option, sell your car to DamagedCars.com where we buy cars in less-than-perfect condition, nationwide.


How Do I Sell A Car That Needs Work Online?

Going online is the fast way to sell a car that can’t run, but not all online junk car buyers are made equal. DamagedCars only works with reliable partners in your area to ensure a smooth, seamless process for you. We’ll make an offer for your vehicle in 90 seconds and pick it up in 24-48 hours, guaranteed.

Where Can I Sell My Car That Needs Repairs?

Wondering what to do with a car that needs more repairs than it’s worth? Sell it with a service like DamagedCars. We’ll buy your vehicle that can’t run or needs repairs in just 24-48 hours after you accept our offer, and you’ll get paid on the spot when we pick up the car!

Is It Worth Repairing A Car Before Selling?

If you’re wondering whether you should repair your car before trading it in, chances are the answer is a flat no. In most cases, but especially if you’re dealing with an older car with more than one problem, the cost of fixing your non-running or non-working vehicle just won’t restore the car to its previous market value. You’ll be sinking money into repair costs that you just won’t get back.

Instead, you should sell your car that can’t run as-is. A website like DamagedCars can make an offer on it in its current condition with free towing and title transfer included, so you can maximize your profits and avoid wasting money.

How Do I Get Rid Of A Car That Needs Repairs?

The best way to get rid of a car that needs repairs is to use a service like ours! With DamagedCars, we take care of all the fuss for you. That includes making an offer — it takes 90 seconds to get one from us —  scheduling your free pickup, and arranging the payment.

We’ll assign a partner to pick up your vehicle within 24 to 48 hours after you say yes to the offer. The partner will arrive at the scheduled time with a check in hand, and you’ll get paid on the spot! It’s really that easy.

How Do I Sell A Car That Needs Major Repairs?

First of all, don’t try to repair it — it rarely makes financial sense to do major repairs on a car you’re planning on getting rid of. Second, use a reliable service with positive reviews and a strong reputation — like DamagedCars! We’ve been in the less-than-perfect car industry for more than a decade, and we know what your car is worth.

All our offers include free towing, free title transfer, fast pickups and on-the-spot payment. It couldn’t be easier to sell your vehicle with our convenient, customer-oriented service. Get an offer today to start the process now!

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