Whether you’ve noticed your car isn’t shifting gears as smoothly as it used to or your mechanic has already diagnosed a problem, transmission trouble is a big deal. Many drivers know their transmission is important, but aren’t necessarily sure what it does or what they should do should they encounter problems with this crucial part.

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What is a Transmission?

The transmission is one of the most fundamental and important parts of your car. Attached directly to the engine, it’s job is to convert all of that energy your engine makes burning gas into usable momentum that it sends along to your wheels to get your car moving.

Beyond being responsible for letting your engine do its job, the transmission shifts gears to make sure the engine isn’t overworked and is burning fuel at the most efficient rate possible.

In cars with a manual transmission, a part called the clutch bridges the engine and transmission and is controlled by the driver to change gears. This is done for you in an automatic transmission, which is by far the most common type of transmission on the roads today.

Automatic transmissions make driving more convenient and less strenuous on drivers, but automatic gearboxes are actually more vulnerable to wear and tear than manual gearboxes where the clutch is able to take the brunt of the wear.

Common Transmission Woes

Transmissions are complicated systems, involving electronic and hydraulic systems working together to power a system of gears or belts and shafts. That leaves a lot of potential sources of trouble. If you’ve recently noticed a clunking or grinding sound when you shift gears, you should still see your mechanic but may get some good news! The odds are your transmission fluid is just low.

Your transmission should be cleaned out and the fluid checked every time you get a service inspection on your car, but fluid can run low in between these inspections for a number of reasons. Having your transmission fluid replaced costs an average of $100 and is an easy fix for what could turn into a major problem if ignored.

If your fluid levels are fine, there may unfortunately be a more significant issue at play. Gears or belts going bad, leaks, clogs, faulty parts, and rusty seals can all cause failure in any part of your transmission.

Some signs your transmission is starting to go can include visible fluid leaks or rough/delayed shifting. It’s also a bad sign if your car “slips” gears, or changes gears in a way you’re unable to prevent or control.

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What Next?

Unfortunately, a bad transmission can’t be ignored. In the short term, your fuel efficiency will likely get worse and cost you more in gas. Beyond that, the consequences escalate. Failing transmissions can cause irreparable damage to your engine. Plus, a car without a working transmission just won’t drive.

Rebuilding your transmission will cost an average of $3,000. Replacing it entirely can cost anywhere from $4,000 to $8,000. As most transmission failures are related to age, this usually means the cost of repairing a transmission is more than the car’s own fair market value.

That type of repair is never worth the money, and a newer vehicle will be safer and more affordable in the long term. Your best bet is to sell your car and put the proceeds toward a new one.

You may be surprised to learn that your car, bad transmission at all, still has a lot of value. Though it may not be safe to drive anymore and likely won’t hold much appeal at your local dealership or to other drivers, salvage buyers near you know just how much your car is worth.

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