car shakes while driving

What To Do If Your Car Shakes When Driving

Your car is rattling around at high speeds, and you're not sure what that means for its future. Is the car safe? Are you safe? DamagedCars walks you through what to do about a car that shakes when driving.

car vibrates when idle

What To Do If Your Car Shakes When Idle

Is your car rumbling when you first turn it on? A car that shakes when idle could be a sign of numerous different mechanical and physical problems in your vehicle. DamagedCars outlines the potential possibilities in the list below.

woman in accident

What Do I Do When My Car Is Totaled?

What do you do when you total your vehicle? DamagedCars has a handy guide with information on your next steps.

mechanic catcon

How To Know If Your Catalytic Converter Was Stolen

You know catalytic converter thefts are on the rise in your area, but what are the signs that your car was targeted? DamagedCars explains.

donate a car

How To Donate A Damaged Car

Before you donate your damaged car, you should do research to confirm that your vehicle — and its profits — are going where you really want them to go. DamagedCars can walk you through the options and what to look out for.

check engine

Check Engine Light On? Sell it — Don't Fix It!

If your vehicle's having issues — you can definitely sell it legally.

selling parts online

Transmission's Broken? Sell Your Car — Don't Fix It!

Your transmission is a vital piece of machinery required for your car to function. So, should you fix it up before selling it, or leave it as is? DamagedCars has the answer.


Who Buys Damaged Cars

There is no reason why you should be having a damaged car lying in your garage when you can sell it for quite a reasonable amount of cash. It does not matter how much the vehicle is wrecked, there is a good chance of making some money out of it. B...

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