Crash no uninsured motorist coverage

What If I Don’t Have Uninsured Motorist Coverage?

Uninsured motorist coverage exists for a reason — so what happens if you don’t have it? DamagedCars explains.
Computer rear ended cost

How Much Does Rear End Damage Cost To Repair?

Find out how much it costs to fix rear end damage, and if it makes sense to pay to fix your car after being rear-ended.

can suspension damage total car

Does Suspension Damage Total A Car?

If your suspension is damaged, will your car be declared a total loss, or can you fix it up? DamagedCars has the answer.

car axle bent

Does Axle Damage Total A Car?

If your axle is damaged, is your car completely totaled? DamagedCars explains the significance and what you can do with a damaged axle.

Making decisions

Should I Donate My Car Or Junk It?

DamagedCars walks you through whether you should donate your car or junk it at the end of its life.
cost of repairing engine mount

What To Do If Your Engine Mount Is Broken

Driving with a broken engine mount is dangerous — which means you should instead plan on shouldering the cost of a motor mount replacement when it brakes. DamagedCars helps you figure out how much you’ll pay and when it’s worth s...

how much does it cost to fix suspension

What Happens If Your Car Suspension Is Bad?

Is a bad car suspension a serious problem, or just an inconvenience? And how much does it cost to fix a bad suspension, anyway? DamagedCars has the answers.

car shakes while driving

What To Do If Your Car Shakes When Driving

Your car is rattling around at high speeds, and you're not sure what that means for its future. Is the car safe? Are you safe? DamagedCars walks you through what to do about a car that shakes when driving.

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