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What Is the Value of My Damaged Dodge Avenger with DamagedCars.Com?

At DamagedCars, we not only offer you an efficient way to earn money but also guarantee exemplary customer service. Our services include free towing, title transfer, and a hassle-free process for selling your car quickly. Our many positive reviews are a testament to our commitment to providing top-notch service to our customers.

The value of your Dodge Avenger can vary greatly, ranging anywhere from $100 to $10,000 or even more, depending on a variety of factors. These factors include the current condition of the car, its location, and other considerations. Factors like the mileage and age of the car, as well as any body damage or major mechanical issues, can all affect its value.

If you're dealing with electrical issues and find that repairing the car would cost more than it's worth, DamagedCars can provide you with a custom quote that meets your needs. Simply enter some basic information about your car, and you'll receive an offer that you can accept to get paid for your vehicle.

You Can Get A Fair Market Appraisal For Your Dodge Now

When your Dodge is badly damaged, deciding to rebuild it may not be the intelligent choice. Whether you have a bad engine or serious body damage, you could be facing more than $1,000 in repair bills, and the going rate of your car may have decreased permanently even after shelling out that kind of money to rebuild it.

Don't waste your money on repair bills when your car's been damaged. Instead, get an offer for it with DamagedCars. We pay cash for broken-down cars every day, including:

  • Non-running Dodges
  • Accident Dodges
  • Dodge Avengers for parts
  • Dodge Avengers with mechanical problems
  • Blown motor Dodges
  • Frame-damaged Dodge Avengers
We know the actual cash value of your car, no matter what shape it's in. You can get an estimate from us that reflects its real market value. When it's time to get cash for your clunker, DamagedCars.com is the perfect way to do so. Get your evaluation this very moment!

We Pay For The Following Dodge Avengers

2010 Dodge Avenger

2010 Dodge Avenger

Mileage: 190,000Location: Arlington, TX
2012 Dodge Avenger

2012 Dodge Avenger

Mileage: 149,000Location: New Braunfels, TX
2013 Dodge Avenger

2013 Dodge Avenger

Mileage: 128,000Location: Monument, CO
2012 Dodge Avenger

2012 Dodge Avenger

Mileage: 124,000Location: Marietta, GA
2011 Dodge Avenger

2011 Dodge Avenger

Mileage: 165,000Location: Coffeeville, MS
2011 Dodge Avenger

2011 Dodge Avenger

Mileage: 112,000Location: Cary, NC
2013 Dodge Avenger

2013 Dodge Avenger

Mileage: 104,313Location: Fort Worth, TX
2009 Dodge Avenger

2009 Dodge Avenger

Mileage: 106,000Location: Port Orange, FL

DamagedCars Makes Getting Cash For Your Dodge Super Easy And Fast

Are you stuck with a broken-down Dodge Avenger and don't know what to do? Dealing with a car with a bad engine might be giving you problems and it really shouldn't be. There's more to the answer than repairing or breaking a car down for parts.

The people at DamagedCars.com are the industry leaders when it comes to purchasing damaged vehicles on the internet. From getting a fair offer in just a couple of seconds to getting your payment in 24 to 48 hours — DamagedCars makes the entire process super easy and fast.

When it's time to get an estimate. DamagedCars is the best spot to do it. We make it quick and easy to get cash for your damaged Dodge.


I Want To Junk My Dodge For Parts. Can DamagedCars.Com Help?

Yes, DamagedCars.com can help you recycle your car in any condition. By recycling the components in your car rather than throwing them away, we can keep waste out of landfills and reduce the environmental impact that cars have on the planet.

What Will Happen To My Scrap Dodge If You Pay Cash For It?

At DamagedCars, we always work with knowledgeable and experienced scrap car buyers who can legally recycle your scrap Dodge Avenger in an environmentally friendly way. Our junk car buyers recycle components, rebuild and resell the car or melt down the profitable metals inside, like aluminum, steel, platinum and more, to be formed into new products. Additionally, DamagedCars follows principles laid out by the ARA so we can make sure it's done right.

When Is A Damaged Vehicle A Junk Car?

A vehicle becomes junk when it's reached the end of its life. Usually, this means the car is non-moving, or its value is so low that it's only worth selling for parts. Typically, this means old, broken-down vehicles with very low values. The perfect way to find out the true value of your vehicle is to receive an offer with DamagedCars.com.

How Do I Know DamagedCars Is Safe To Use?

We have over ten years of experience in this industry, and the reviews to prove that we're safe and reliable. After we pay for your Dodge from you, we'll ask you to complete the title transfer. Once we receive your Dodge, we will complete the title transfer so you won't be legally responsible for the car. We'll also send the bill of sale to you as proof that you sold the car to us.

Will You Tow My Dodge For Free?

YES — free pick-up is available in all estimates made by DamagedCars! There will never be any fees for using our service. All you need to do is wait for the driver to get there, turn over your car's keys and verified copy of your title, and get your check! We'll take care of everything else.

How Will I Get Paid Cash For My Dodge?

DamagedCars.com will send a business check to you that is backed by Bank of America or Wells Fargo in most cases. You'll get your money immediately when the driver picks up the Dodge. We use business checks to make sure that our clients receive their full payment without a problem.

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