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How To Sell My Junk Car Online

drawing of men with suitcase at the crossroads with arrowsIf you’re looking to get rid of your junk car, selling it online is the easiest option. But how do you go about doing that? What steps should you take to prepare your car for sale?

Selling your car online is easier than it sounds. You won’t have to jump through hoops in most cases, and you can complete the sale in under a week if you use the right service. Read the sections below to find out what you should do to get your car ready for an online sale, and learn more about why is the best option to do it.

Prepare Your Car For The Sale

cleaning vehicle cockpitBefore you try to sell your car online, you should make sure your car is ready to be sold. If possible, try to perform a light cleaning of the vehicle, inside and out. This doesn’t need to be a full detail, but cleaning the car out and vacuuming it could improve the way it appears in pictures, which may affect its value.

Additionally, you should make sure to empty out your car of all your personal belongings. Remove any hanging items from the mirror, empty out the glovebox and make sure you collect anything you have stored in the trunk.

Most services will want you to submit photos and your vehicle’s VIN. After cleaning up your car, take some time to photograph it from all angles, including the inside of the vehicle. Make sure to get a photo of the odometer at its current mileage, if possible. Finally, write down your vehicle’s VIN so you can provide it as needed.

Figure Out How Much Your Car Is Worth

pendant with a question markOnce you’ve prepared your car for a sale, start figuring out how much it’s worth. Begin by going to mechanics and figuring out how much it would cost to make your vehicle operational again. Is your engine busted? If so, your vehicle would likely need a new engine before it could run again.

Did you get into a major car crash? The vehicle may require significant repairs to the frame or body. In some cases, a mechanic may tell you that a vehicle is completely unsalvageable and can only be sold for parts. This means that your vehicle’s value has plummeted significantly.

However, if your vehicle is not in absolutely terrible shape, you may be able to get a realistic quote for the cost of repairs. Once you have a number, you can begin searching the Kelley Blue Book to see what cars of your make and model sell for. You can generally subtract the cost of the estimated repairs from the KBB value for a car of the same year, make and model to determine what yours is worth.

This estimate gives you a solid idea of what kind of prices you might be able to expect from online car buyers. Once you have it, you can take steps to start selling your car.

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Start Looking At Your Options

a man thinking about choosing one of many doorsIt’s time to start looking at your options for selling your car online. Different services may have different pros and cons, so it’s important to weigh them out thoroughly. Some may not service your area, for example, while others may have hidden fees or charges they won’t tell you about.

It’s also important to confirm the accuracy of the quote. Some services will do a “bait-and-switch,” giving you a high quote to reel you in and then lowering the quote when your vehicle is about to be picked up. Since you want to take care of the problem quickly, they’re counting on you to accept the lower price just to get rid of the vehicle.

Therefore, when vetting your services, make sure to ask about policies and how to get a guaranteed quote that won’t be changed. That’s the best way to confirm you’re getting an honest price for your vehicle.

Why Sell To

Drawing of couple with thumbs upAt, we don’t try to trick our customers. When you supply us with information about the car, pictures and your VIN, we offer you a GUARANTEED quote that won’t change at the last minute. Plus, our quotes are guaranteed for SEVEN days, so you have time to think it over before completing the sale.

Additionally, we offer FREE towing and FREE title transfer. There are no charges whatsoever for using our service, which means you won’t get hit with unexpected expenses while trying to sell your vehicle. We know you want to earn money, not spend it.

Finally, we know you’re in a rush to get rid of your car and get paid. That’s why we strive to pick up your car in under 48 business hours. Our tow truck drivers will hand you a check when they arrive to pick up the vehicle, guaranteeing that your payment is secure and delivered straight to you.

How to Sell Your Junk Car Online With

Selling your junk car online with is easy. All you have to do is fill out the form to get a quote in under 90 seconds. To improve the accuracy of the quote, submit photos and a VIN, and double check that the form information is correct.

Once you submit the quote, our buyers will get in touch with you to schedule a pickup time for your vehicle. If you’re not quite ready to sell, you can take a few days to think it over with our guaranteed offer. Once you are ready, all you have to do is reach out to us to complete the process.

We use checks to ensure there’s no chance that you get undercut in the process. Our checks are backed by Bank of America and Wells Fargo, so there’s no risk. We have a 4.8 star rating on TrustPilot from hundreds of satisfied customers. Why wait? Get your quote and get started today.

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