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Ultimate Guide to Car Engine Problems

Car engine problems suck. Nothing is worse than owning a car you can’t trust or can’t drive. It’s like buying a juicy burger and being unable to eat it. It’s even more devastating if there’s bacon. And when you have e...


How to Sell My Car for Free?

You've got a car to sell. It's not in perfect condition. It's a little older. And there are a few things wrong with it that you'll clearly lay out when you list it for sale. Not everyone wants a car like this. You've loved and gotten some use o...


Timing Belt Replacement Cost

Many have never heard of a timing belt, but it is quite easily among the most important maintenance you will ever do on your car. While parts themselves are not very expensive, the actual timing belt replacement cost can be a significant expense. ...


How to Sell a Car Privately

Your car represents a great deal of time and investment. But in most cases, you're not going to want to keep it forever. At a certain point, you'll want to trade in or sell your car to upgrade to a newer model. Selling your car doesn't have to be ...


What to Do If You Hit an Animal with Your Car

Few things are quite as scary as the experience of seeing a deer or other animal on the side of the road while driving your car or truck, knowing it is headed right into your lane. If you're lucky, you will see it in time to adjust your speed and ...


How to Get Rid of Smoke Smell in Car

Are you trying to remove the smoke smell from your car? Have you recently purchased a used vehicle in which the previous owner left behind the stale odor of tobacco use that you would like to eliminate? It can be hard to rid a car of smoke smell, ...


Salvage Cars

You hear the terms Junk Car and Salvage Car bandied about fairly frequently, especially on this site. But what exactly is a Salvage Car?

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