Sites such as eBay and have removed many of the headaches associated with selling your car. So, if you’re thinking about selling your car, here are some tips that will make the process as painless as possible.

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How much My car is worth?

  1. First Thing’s First – Before Listing Your Car on eBay
    One of the greatest aspects of using eBay to sell your car is that it showcases your listing to hundreds of thousands of interested parties at once. It increases the chances of finding real buyers, and helps avoid wasting time with those who are merely window-shopping. However, it also places your car in a sea of other listings, which means you need to do whatever you can to ensure your vehicle stands out from the crowd.

    Before you even begin setting up an eBay account, there is one critical step you can take that will help you put your best foot forward: wash your car. Since pictures are going to be the only way that you can get your product across to interested buyers, making a good first impression is absolutely key. Remove all the trash from the interior, and vacuum any loose bits of trash or food. Paying to have your car professionally detailed is also a worthwhile investment. Having a clean car will enable you to take the best possible pictures, and will take you one step closer to making that all important sale.

  2. Setup Your eBay Account
    Known as the premier location to sell goods online, eBay is home to millions and millions of different listings. The site prides itself on usability, and as a result, creating an account is a breeze. If you can create an email address, you can begin selling on eBay.

    As you go about the registration process, eBay will ask for some basic information in order to create your seller’s account. This includes a credit or debit card, a checking account and a chosen method for paying selling fees.

    In addition to your method of payment, you will also be required to provide eBay with information about the vehicle you want to sell. In order to make this as simple as possible, eBay has a printable checklist for sellers that will clearly layout everything you need to do to list your car. If you care was manufactured after 1981, then you’ll need to include the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) in your listing.

    Also, although it may seem like common sense, be sure to have the vehicle title ready and in your name so that you can transfer it to the new owner one the purchase is complete. If you still owe money on the car, you may need to contact your financier in order to work out a suitable arrangement for transfer of title.

  3. Creating Your Listing
    You can’t sell your vehicle without finding a buyer, and crafting the perfect listing is a surefire way to make this happen as quickly as possible. Take the time to draft up what information you think highlights your car’s best attributes. If, for instance, your vehicle has lots of miles on it, you can use your listing to talk about other features that may make it more appealing.

    The most important piece of information on your listing, and what will determine whether or not you sell your car quickly is going to be the price. Your listing will include the desired price of your car, so be sure to pick a price point that is in line with what similar sellers are asking for.

    Finally, eBay will ask you to set the terms of sale before creating your listing. As the seller, you have a lot of control over items like payment terms, how much of a deposit the buyer must make within 72 hours of declaring an intent to purchase, and whether or not the buyer can finance the purchase through eBay.

  4. Managing Your Listing
    Although eBay makes selling your car as easy and stress-free as possible, selling is still an organic process. What that means is that you’re going to be much more successful if you fine-tune your listing from time to time. Knowing the types of changes and how to make them will help you reach the maximum number of interested buyers as possible. The “My eBay” tool is a great way to manage the incoming bids, receive client feedback, and reach out to prospective buyers.

    Purchasing a car is a major decision, and some buyers can feel hesitant to make such a large purchase sight unseen. Listing accurate contact information such as email address and phone number on your seller’s page will help put buyers at ease, and ensure that you’re readily available for any potential questions that they may have. Being actively involved in the selling process will let buyers know that you’re a real person and help make you appear more trustworthy.

  5. Revise Your Pricing
    Selling is sometimes more art than science, and it can be difficult to accurately gage a market when trying to determine how much to sell a product for. When you’re trying to get as much of a return on an investment as possible, it’s common for there to be a disconnect between your perceived value of the car, and its actual value. eBay is a place to which people go to find bargains. So, if you placed your car on eBay but don’t seem to be getting many bids, it may be time to reevaluate the price. Lowering the price is a surefire way to generate more interest in your vehicle and earn more interest from those who are looking to buy.

  6. Complete the Sale
    If you’ve finally found a serious buyer who is looking to take your car off your hands, then all that’s left is to finalize the actual sale. Since terms of the sale should have been set up while creating your listing, the buyer should have a clear understanding of your desired method of payment. However, although PayPal is generally the preferred medium for transactions on eBay, the website will allow almost any form of payment as long as it’s clearly marked on your listing.

    After you’ve sold your car, all that remains is actually getting the car to the buyer and transferring the title. Most buyers choose to pick up the car in person, but others may request that the car be shipped to their location. If you find yourself having to ship the vehicle, make sure you use a reputable, bonded shipping company in order to protect yourself. Or, have the buyer set up the shipping after you receive cleared payment.

    No car transaction would be complete without transferring the title of the car to the new owner. Each state has different rules and regulations regarding transfer of sale, so be sure to ask your local DMV for details. They’ll be sure to answer any questions you may have and will help you through the final stages of the process.

  7. Another Option
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