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Can you donate your junk car to a pick n’ pull? You...could?

Should you donate your junk car to a pick n’ pull? That's a question that requires a deeper dive.

What is a Pick N’ Pull Junkyard?

Pick n’ pull junkyards are a self-service auto service that allows clientele to walk through the junkyard and choose the car parts that they want without paying anyone else for labor costs.

Exploring a pick n’ pull in your town should only be done if you have the necessary mechanical skill, identification ability, and removal experience. The goal is to acquire these car parts without damaging them, otherwise their value could depreciate immediately.

Environmental Assistance

mechanic draining fluids from vehicle

Pick n’ pull junkyards work closely with the Environmental Management Agency to ensure the safe removal of vehicle parts with minimized damage to the environment. They ensure each vehicle is broken down and scrapped per regulations. Some of these procedures include:

  • Safe Drainage of Toxic Fluid
  • Proper Disposal of Mercury Switches
  • Lead-Acid Battery Removal
  • Catalytic Converter Disposal

Donating a Junk Car to Pick N’ Pulls

To clarify one massive point: pick n’ pulls pay people for their expired vehicles. Donating your car to one isn’t an impossibility, but that’s essentially going to Burger King and ordering a Big Mac: they could do it, but that’s not what they’re here for.

Now, there are many entities that actually accept donated vehicles. Some of the most well-known charities that accept junk car donations are:

Since pick n’ pull is in the business of paying you for your junk car, there has to be a system by which they determine how much you get paid, right?


Pick n’ pulls determine your pay out — much like any other junkyard — via a few factors:

Vehicle Type - The majority of junkyards are interested in the metal parts your car is composed of. Therefore, the heavier the car, the larger they pay out. For example, SUVs will net a greater profit than a mid-size sedan.

High demand or rare vehicle types will also net a larger cash out than more common, low demand types. Checking online to see what vehicle types are in greater demand in your area is a nice indicator of how much money your clunker can net.

Vehicle Condition - The condition of your vehicle also impacts how much you’ll get for it. While most junkyards (pick n’ pull included) are more concerned with the metal of the car, an operable vehicle is optimal for their set-up.

Vehicles that have been damaged can only be scrapped by pick n’ pulls, versus operable vehicles that can be parted out by clientele.

Vehicle Weight - The bigger and heavier your vehicle, the more scrap metal it has. Depending on the price of scrap at that time, pick n’ pull can give you a decent pay out for your heavyweight junk car.

Ultimately, whether you want to donate your junk car or sell it to a pick n’ pull, the goal is the same: to get a junk car off your hands. Fortunately, that’s why DamagedCars is here!

DamagedCars & Donating Your Car

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If you’re looking to get that junk car off your hands and make a positive impact on the world, then DamagedCars is here to help you check off both of those boxes.

Donating cars, while it may feel good, can be a hassle; might not be as tax deductible as you think; and may not make as big of an impact as you’d like. Contact DamagedCars and we can give you cash that you can donate directly to the charity of your choice.

Once you reach out to us, one of our representatives will provide you with a quote for your vehicle within 90 seconds. There’s zero obligation and that quote stays valid for up to seven days.

Should you accept the quote, we then connect you with one of our service providers within your area. You can schedule a pick up with them as quickly as 24-48 hours from the time you accept the quote.

Transporting your junk car is typically a hassle, but we make that easy by providing towing completely FREE! On top of that, we’ll handle the title exchange for you as well...completely on the house!

Take the check you get when the vehicle is picked up and be a blessing to your favorite charity!


See What Your Car's Worth

Is It Better To Junk A Car Or Donate It?

That is wholly dependent on two things: how much effort you’re willing to put into it and if you’re expecting cash out of the exchange. Donating the car has its benefits, chief of which is helping out those less fortunate. However, if you’re looking for some cash, junking it is the way to go.

How Much Of A Tax Write Off Is Donating A Car?

Depending on whether or not the charity sells your for $500 or less, you can expect to deduct $500 or whatever your car’s fair market value is (whichever is less). If your car is valued at $700, but is sold for $250, you can deduct $500.

How Can I Get Rid Of My Old Car?

You could call a charity and arrange for them to pick up your vehicle. The option of junking it and taking whatever profit you can get also exists. It all truly depends on what (if anything) you’re looking for out of this old car.