When selling old cars for cash at a local junk yard, it’s typical for them to offer you scrap metal pricing—about $150 per ton—for the whole car.

If that kind of offer isn’t going to cut it, or if you were expecting more cash for your old car, you might decide “I want to sell my old car for parts instead.” What does that require, though? Do you need any mechanical knowledge to make it happen?

Today, we’re going to answer those questions and more as we take a look at how to sell your car for parts to maximize your car's cash value.

Things You’ll Need to Sell a Car for Parts

The first thing you’ll need when selling a car for parts is time. Unlike selling your vehicle at a junkyard or online, it will take some time to first break the car down and then sell each of the more valuable parts on their own.

The second thing you will need is mechanical knowledge. If you’re not intimately familiar with the hardware, it’s often going to be best to pay a mechanic to break your vehicle down to parts. You could easily damage the parts, or even hurt yourself, if you try to break your car down without knowing what you’re doing.

Things You’ll Need to Sell a Car for Parts

Unfortunately, that’s not going to be cheap. It can cost $30-$50 per hour to pay the mechanic, and it can take 10-20 hours (or more) just to break your vehicle down. So that means the third thing you will need is cash, and most people won’t want to spend hundreds breaking down their car before they’ve even sold any of it.

But let’s say you bite the bullet, or you tap a family member who can help you take it all apart. You’ve got all the most expensive parts set aside and ready to sell—so what’s next?

Where Can I Sell my Car for Parts?

This is where things get even more complicated … because now that you’ve got the parts, where are you going to sell them?

Where Can I Sell my Car for Parts?

There’s always Craigslist. Depending on the model of your car, there might be popular online forums where you could list each part. But how do you price them out? Ultimately, if you’re looking to get the best possible deal, you’re going to be doing a good bit of research. You’re also likely to end up doing a good bit of haggling—and a good bit of waiting, since some parts will sell faster than others.

You’re doing all this while a few tons of scrap metal are slowly rusting out on your property, and your garage is likely jam-packed with spare parts. If you know what you’re doing, it might not take too long to sell the most sought-after parts. On the other hand, depending on market activity, you could end up waiting for months for the right offers to line up. You'll have a junk car to sell with a greatly diminished value. It might cost you more in towing just to get the empty shell of a car off your property!

Cutting Your Losses: When to Sell Your Old Car and Move On

Sell Your Old Car

In some cases and for some people, it can make sense to sell a car for parts. It can also be a waste of valuable time, due to the complexity, the effort and the haggling involved with making it all happen.

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