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Mississippi is unique in that it is the 32nd most populous state in the union and is also the 32 largest state in area. What is not unique about it is that if you have a damaged or not running car in Mississippi, you are going to have a problem selling it. The reasons are pretty simple. Car dealers don't want it and private buyers for less than perfect cars are few and far between. Damaged cars may be of interest to Mississippi salvage yards but you will likely only get a scrap metal offer and you just may even have to pay for towing. Places that buy cars in Mississippi, especially damaged cars, are limited. So what's the solution to your problem? A visit to DamagedCars.com. We buy junk cars in Mississippi and we buy them right online!

Did You Know

You can get a guaranteed offer for junk or salvage cars online in less than two minutes at DamagedCars.com. We will pay you for your car within two business days and take care of any towing expenses. It is safe, fast and convenient!

What Kind of Cars Do You Buy?

We buy just about any make and model of car, van, mini-van, SUV or pick-up truck. We buy cars online whether they are running or not. We even pay cash for cars in Mississippi if they've been damaged in car accidents. We pay more than other Mississippi junk car buyers and have high customer ratings and a solid reputation. We have made over a million offers nationally and had hundreds of thousands of our guaranteed offers accepted. You could be next!

What Do I Need to Sell My Car in Mississippi?

Selling your car through DamagedCars.com is even easier than selling to a private buyer. That's because you'll have a guaranteed offer ahead of time. Just have your keys and title ready. If you have a bill of sale or registration, that can help the process but they are not necessary. Remove your private possessions and license plates and your vehicle is ready to go! You'll love how easy it is to sell a junk car through DamagedCars.com.

How Much Can I Get When I Sell My Car?

DamagedCars.com are experts at evaluating less than perfect cars. You tell us about the year, make and model of your less than perfect car and about its issues. We will even consider the premium options your car has in creating our offer. Within two minutes of your online submission you will have a guaranteed, no hassle, no haggle offer from us. When you accept our offer we do the rest! We bring your payment to you and pick up your car in two business days or less.

Cash for Cars in Mississippi

Selling your car through DamagedCars.com can be done from your living room couch. You don't have to call salvage or junkyards or any other places who buys junk cars in Mississippi. You can take comfort knowing we work with environmentally responsible partners. If you want to know how to sell a car in Mississippi, we encourage you to visit DamagedCars.com.


Fun Facts about Mississippi

You may know that Tupelo, Mississippi is known as the birthplace of Elvis Presley. But did you know that Biloxi, MS is the birthplace of root beer? The drink was invented there in 1898 by Edward Adolf Barq, Sr.

Where Do You Buy Junk Cars?

If you are wondering “Will they buy my car?”, the answer is yes! Just accept our no haggle, no hassle offer. We buy cars in Jackson, Gulfport and from the Mississippi River to the Alabama border. Just visit DamagedCars.com today, fill out our offer form and get your guaranteed offer. You can put that problem car problem behind you quickly with DamagedCars.com!


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