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What's My Cash Worth for a Faulty BMW 5 Series?

At DamagedCars.com, we go beyond offering just cash in exchange for your broken-down vehicle. We offer exceptional customer service to all our clients, as we have done for over a decade. Our knowledgeable service representatives can guide you throughout the process, making getting paid for your car easy and stress-free.

Curious about the possible value of your BMW 5 series that has encountered some issues? The value of a vehicle that isn't in perfect condition can range from $100 to $15,000 or possibly more. The value depends on factors such as its proximity to export markets, whether it functions, its mileage, and additional considerations.

If your car has exceeded its useful life, it's advisable to dispose of it. DamagedCars.com can provide assistance by quickly helping you obtain cash for your unwanted vehicle. You can get a quote and promptly receive your payment.

DamagedCars.com Will Pay Cash For Your BMW With Issues

Your car's value depends on the severity of the damage. Serious exterior damage will permanently reduce what your vehicle is worth and make it difficult to sell. While engine problems won't necessarily permanently lower the value, it can be too expensive to even begin to attempt to rebuild them.

Stop wasting your money on repair costs. Most often you're better off without it. You can get an offer for your BMW with DamagedCars.com — we purchase cars with problems such as:

  • Damaged BMWs
  • BMWs involved in crashes
  • Old BMW 5 seriess
  • BMW 5 seriess with transmission problems
  • BMWs with motor damage
  • Body-damaged BMW 5 seriess
We know the real value of your car and we'll make a fair offer for it, no matter what condition it's in. When it's time to trade in your clunker, DamagedCars is the perfect way to do so. Get your offer in a flash!

DamagedCars.Com Has Recently Purchased These BMWs

2000 BMW 5 series

2000 BMW 5 series

Mileage: 192,000Location: The Woodlands, TX
2003 BMW 5 series

2003 BMW 5 series

Mileage: 134,000Location: Edison, NJ
2002 BMW 5 series

2002 BMW 5 series

Mileage: 167,000Location: Richmond, CA
2002 BMW 5 series

2002 BMW 5 series

Mileage: 180,000Location: Chico, CA
2002 BMW 5 series

2002 BMW 5 series

Mileage: 184,000Location: Brooklyn, NY
2002 BMW 5 series

2002 BMW 5 series

Mileage: 120,000Location: Sunnyvale, CA
2002 BMW 5 series

2002 BMW 5 series

Mileage: 138,000Location: Cleburne, TX

DamagedCars.Com Is The Right Place When You Want To Get Cash BMW

When dealing with a damaged vehicle, most people view one of two choices: rebuilding the vehicle or parting it out for cash. Fixing up a less-than-perfect BMW can cost more than you'd like to. And parting out a car often comes at the expense of time for a little more money. There are superior choices

With DamagedCars.com you can get cash fast for your junker in less than 48 business hours. From getting a quote in just a couple of seconds to getting your check in 24 to 48 hours — the whole process is an easy service from start to finish.

When it's time to receive a quote. DamagedCars is the best place to do it. We make it super simple and fast to get money for your broken-down BMW.


Can I Junk My BMW With DamagedCars For Parts?

Junk your junk car with DamagedCars. DamagedCars helps to lower the impact of broken cars on the environment by rebuilding and reusing pieces from non-working vehicles. Receive a quote and junk your vehicle in 24 to 48 hours.

If I Sell My Scrap BMW 5 series With DamagedCars, What Will You Do With It?

A great deal of businesses can easily reuse the valuable parts of a vehicle and repurpose the scrap metals left behind. Licensed and experienced companies have the ability to rebuild or resell the vehicle, reuse or recycle the remaining components, or melt down the metal such as platinum, aluminum, steel and more. Our company closely follows the principles and rules by the ARA. DamagedCars legally recycles scrap vehicles.

Should I Sell My BMW On Craigslist Or To DamagedCars?

Although many troubled car owners turn to sites like Craigslist to make a quick buck for an easy sale, there are some downsides to trading in your vehicle with these services. It's entirely your responsibility as the seller to figure out if a buyer is legitimate — there are no safeguards or protections when selling to Craigslist browsers, which means you may easily be scammed. On the other hand, sites like DamagedCars.com have protections in place and a public reputation to maintain, which means you can be sure of your experience.

I Want To Read Reviews Before Using DamagedCars.com. Can I Do That?

Easily! DamagedCars loves getting reviews, and we're happy to share them. We prioritize providing professional customer assistance above all else. With more than a decade of experience, we're fairly confident we can serve you with the service required to do it safely.

Will You Haul My BMW?

YES — free towing is available in all estimates made by DamagedCars! There are never any fees for using our service. All that's required from you is wait for the tow truck driver to get there, turn over the keys to your car and certified copy of the title, and pick up your payment! We'll take care of everything else.

Does It Take A Long Time To Get Cash?

No — we'll provide you with payment right on the spot for your BMW when we remove it! The service provider will arrive with a check, so all that you need to do is hand over your keys and verified copy of the title, then pick up your payment. It's that straightforward!

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