Should you fix a car that doesn’t run?

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If you have a car that doesn’t run, fixing it might be a good solution. However, the best course of action depends on the age, the value of your vehicle and how serious the damage is.

If your vehicle doesn’t run because of a problem that only costs a few hundred dollars to fix, completing the repair may be worthwhile. However, if it will cost several hundred dollars to $1,000 or more, it may be better to leave the car as-is.

This is because the cost of repairing the vehicle may approach or exceed the value of the car itself. At that point, you would be spending more money on trying to keep the vehicle running than the car is actually worth.

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Can you donate a car that doesn’t run?

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In many cases, you can donate a car that doesn’t run. However, not all charities will accept it. Some charities that ask for vehicle donations are specifically looking to regift the cars to families or individuals in need of transportation.

If you want to donate your car that doesn’t run, you should look for charities that will sell the vehicle for scrap or at auctions instead.

Keep in mind that to claim the tax benefit from donating a non-running vehicle, you must obtain and file specific paperwork. Additionally, you will not receive the financial benefit until you file taxes in the next year.

Can you scrap a car that doesn’t run?

Scrapping a car that doesn’t run may be a good idea. Depending on the shape that your car is in, you may only be able to get its scrap metal value for it. In that case, contacting a scrap yard would be a good idea.

However, when calling scrap yards, make sure to keep two things in mind. First, you should confirm that the yard will pick up your car from its location for free. Second, you should ask if you can get a guaranteed offer for your vehicle. Otherwise, it may be a good idea to look elsewhere.

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The Best Place to Sell A Car That Doesn’t Run

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You may wonder, “Can I sell my car even if it doesn’t run?” The answer is yes. It is perfectly acceptable to sell a non-running car. However, you should be fully transparent about the condition that the vehicle is in.

The best place to sell a car that doesn’t run is an online service, like This is because selling your car online is generally faster and easier than trying to sell it to a local junkyard, dealership or private individual.

You can quickly find out whether the service operates in your area and get quotes with minimal fuss. Since online operations are used to valuing a car remotely, you don’t have to worry about scheduling a time for someone to come out and see your vehicle.

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How To Sell A Car That Doesn’t Run To

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