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Can You Sell a Damaged Car?

There is no rule against selling a car with damage, no matter what kind or how extensive it is. Here are some examples of the types of damaged cars that people will buy.

Cash for Damaged Cars

Sell Accident Damaged Car

Many damaged cars you might want to sell have been in an accident. Whether it’s light body damage to the front, rear, or side that’s only cosmetic or a collision that’s rendered your car undriveable, you can still sell cars that have been in an accident.

Flood Damaged Cars

When a car has been submerged in water, even for a very short time, it does not go well. Electronics and metal parts, both inside and outside the car, are prone to damage with even slight exposure to water or moisture. There’s not much you can do with a flood damaged car except sell it as is, because fixing it is definitely not worth the investment.

Vehicle Hail Damage

Pock marks in the painted finish from hailstorm damage look horrible, but it usually doesn’t affect how a car drives. This cosmetic damage can severely impact a car’s worth. The good news is that, in most cases, the car can be put back onto the road which helps maintain its value.

Interior Car Damage

Make no mistake – interior damage is super expensive. Upholstery, glass, trim, or electronic, it all has a high price tag. You could be better off selling a car with interior damage than footing the bill to fix it.

Rusty Car

If it runs and drives or not, cars that are rusted out or are badly corroded take a significant hit to their value. You can sell a rusty car – the buyer can choose to fix it, scrap it, or make a dune buggy out of it.

Mechanical Issues

Some mechanical issues cost a small fortune to fix, and we aren’t talking about the engine, though if you do have car engine problems the cost is likely significant. Other problems like a transmission problem, differential, transfer case, or steering and suspension concern may be more expensive than the vehicle is worth.

Can You Sell a Damaged Car

Car Doesn’t Start

A faulty fuel pump, an internal engine failure, or a sensor fault that prevents your car from starting. Whether an old car or a newer model, it can be beneficial to sell a car that doesn’t start instead of fixing it.

Fire Damage

When a car is involved in fire, it’s usually a total loss. Minor electrical fires, major fuel fires, or just the car in the wrong place at the wrong time. No matter what, your car still has some value and you can sell it.

Hurricane Damage

The unbelievable force contained in a hurricane can damage a vehicle in several ways – body damage, flood damage, electrical damage, and more. But after the wind dies down and you’re cleaning up, you can sell the damaged car for cash.

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Who Buys Damaged Cars?

Have you asked yourself, “Where can I sell my damaged car?” If so, you’ll be happy to know there are several ways you can get cash for damaged cars.

The first is the obvious answer: insurance. If your damaged vehicle was covered under an insurance policy, you’ll be able to it fixed under your insurance or you’ll be paid out what your car is worth.

Sell Damaged Car for Cash

If you aren’t so lucky, you still have options. You can sell your vehicle to for parts on your own, which is messy, dangerous, and time consuming. You could sell it to a junkyard or scrap yard for a small amount of cash. Or, you can try your hand at selling it to a private buyer in the classifieds.

You need to know how to sell a damaged car right, though. See, most people interested in a less-than-perfect car like yours want it for an extremely good deal. No matter what price you list it at, they’ll come in with an offerof half or less. That means you need to price your car accordingly, but not so high as to deter people from inquiring about it. It’s a fine balance.

Best Place to Sell a Damaged Car

If you’ve said, “I just want to sell my damaged car quickly, and for a good price,” then you’re in the right place. The best place to sell a damaged car is

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