So, to answer the question if a flood-damaged car is repairable, you need to be specific as to the type and extent of the damage. You also need to look at the car. What year is it? What is the make and model? What condition is it in, aside from the water? Answer these questions, then you can get into the question of repair. It’s not even a point of if a car can be repaired, but should a car be repaired. Click the button below to see how much your car is worth. If your car has enough value, maybe repair is an option.

Did You Know?

Flood-damaged car problems are numerous, and when a car goes under water, it's often very hard to figure out what is wrong with the flood-damaged car. When the repair costs for your vehicle are too high for your car's value, selling the car is probably best.

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With enough time, money, parts, skills and patience, pretty much anything can be fixed. If you have a one-of-a-kind antique Bugatti racecar that has been burned, flooded and disassembled, it’s still probably worth fixing. But, if you have a 1991 Toyota Corolla with 200,000-miles and a moldy backseat, repair may be too expensive and not be your best option.

Types of Flood Damage

That being said, water-damaged cars can fall into two high-level categories: saltwater and freshwater. Cars with freshwater flood damage are generally better off than saltwater-flooded cars. That’s because, in addition to any problems the water may have caused, salt is incredibly damaging. Salt is very corrosive, especially to the inside of an engine and electronics.

If you have a car that has been flooded by saltwater, odds are you will have to replace quite a bit of wiring and electrical components. Plus, you’ll have to flush everything out with freshwater to clean out the salt before even fixing any damage. If you catch a freshwater-flooded car quickly, the car may simply need a good cleaning and drying out, cosmetically and mechanically. That’s the best case scenario.

Flood Damaged Car Problems

The next level down on the hierarchy of flood damage is mechanical vs cosmetic. Often times, you’ll have to deal with both, but one is easier to repair than the other. The worst of the cosmetic damaged will be in the interior. Wood, leather, plastic, suede, carpet… none of these things like water. The stuffing in seats can get moldy, the leather and suede can get ruined and the wood can lose its finish. A good upholstery shampooing, leather conditioning and wood polish can help bring a water-damaged interior back to life. But, that pungent fishy smell may be there for good, even after you clean your AC ducts.

If you have the misfortune of flooding your car while it’s running, you’re in for a big repair bill. In order to run, your engine sucks in air through the intake. If that intake ends up below water when the car is running, it will suck in water instead of air.

Recognizing Flooded Engine Symptoms

In our exclusive video '5 Worst Car Sounds Indicating Major Repairs Needed,' we delve into the unmistakable sounds of a flooded engine and what they mean for your vehicle. This key segment will equip you with the knowledge to identify flooded engine symptoms early on, helping you mitigate further damage. Understanding these warning sounds is crucial for car owners, especially those in flood-prone areas. If you're dealing with a flooded engine, discover how can help you get a fair offer for your car, making the selling process as smooth as possible. Watch our video now for expert advice on flooded engines.

How to Fix Flood Damaged Cars

Air compresses. Water doesn’t. As the cylinders fill with water and the pistons come up, the water has nowhere to go. The piston rods will bend, and you’ll end up with a blown engine. This is called hydrolocking. It’s bad. Most of the time, to fix a hydrolocked engine, they’ll just replace the whole motor. That can run you several thousand dollars.

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If your car is flooded, with either saltwater or freshwater, while it’s not running, you may just be able to just have it cleaned, as long as it didn’t sit in water for long. The longer a car is flooded the worse the damage, especially for the wiring and electronics.

If your car is water damaged, and you elect to repair it, keep this in mind, it will never be the same car as it was before. Water is sneaky. Problems may continue to pop up weeks or months after you though the car was fixed.

Selling a Flooded Car

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