You can sell your car after an accident, but it can quickly get complicated.

First, you’ll have to find an interested buyer. Then, depending on your state’s laws, you’ll likely have to disclose that the car was in an accident, where the buyer may decide they’re not interested.

Additionally, you’ll have to understand what constitutes a fair value for the vehicle, along with how to transfer the car’s title.

For many, this is just the start of a long and arduous process. Yet, if you’re looking to sell your car after an accident, you have options. You could spend months posting and reposting your car online.

Alternatively, you could sell your car to a service that purchased cars like yours guaranteed.

How to Sell a Car With an Accident History

sell a car with an accident history

Selling a car with an accident history is a multi-step process, some of which include:

  • Taking the car to a mechanic. When selling the car, you want to accurately describe exactly what’s wrong with it. Sometimes, accidents only result in cosmetic damage, which may not affect the resale value as structural damage would.

  • Disclosing that the car was in an accident. Depending on your state, you may have to disclose that the car suffered damages in a collision. By bringing the car to a mechanic, you can have a full understanding of the car’s condition, including what work it may require in the future.

  • Price the car accordingly. You don’t have to practically give your car away just because it was in an accident. It could still be worth thousands of dollars, depending on its age, mileage, and manufacturer. With some online car appraisers, you can get a fair offer on your car in seconds.

  • Advertise honestly. While you should share that the car was in an accident, you could emphasize other positives about the car, including its low mileage, recent upgrades, and age.

  • Be open to negotiating. Everyone wants to feel like they’re getting a good deal, even if they’re just getting a fair one. So, you should be open to potential buyers wanting to negotiate. Just be sure not to leave too much money on the table.

Can I Trade in a Car With an Accident History?

Whether you can trade in a car with an accident history depends on the dealership. It’ll likely consider many factors when deciding whether to make an offer, including:

  • The severity of the car’s damage

  • The circumstances of the accident

  • The car’s make, model, and mileage

  • The market’s current supply and demand

Don’t be surprised if the car dealership turns you down. While this may initially prove frustrating, you still have options for selling your car.

How Does a Car Accident Affect Resale Value?

accident history resale value

A collision can significantly affect a car’s resale value. How much the resale value decreases depends on:

  • The accident’s type. If your car was in a fender-bender, this probably won’t bring the resale value down much. Matters change if you were in a head-on collision, and the car’s front was destroyed.

  • Whether the car is totaled. After an accident, your insurance company may deem the vehicle a total loss. In that case, it costs more to repair your car than it’s worth. This can significantly drive down the vehicle’s resale value.

  • The car’s damage. As noted, many car buyers don’t have problems with cosmetic damage. A ding or scratch there probably won’t affect the vehicle’s value; smashed in windows likely will.

You can’t tell a car’s resale value just by looking at it. When you consult with an appraisal service, it’ll consider many things when estimating its value. An accident can decrease a car’s value from anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars.

Sell Your Accident Damaged Car With DamagedCars!

sell your car with an accident history

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Selling a Car With Damage Legal?

In many states, you must disclose a car’s damage before selling it. Under many lemon laws, you can’t pull the ol’ bait-and-switch. If you sell a damaged car to someone, and they find out (or suffer injuries because of the vehicle), they could sue you. This could cost you thousands of dollars in both litigation fees and damages.

What Is My Car Worth After an Accident?

How much your car is worth after an accident depends on, well, the car. And the accident. One thing’s for certain though: your car is worth something. Demand is high right for vehicular components, including microchips and the metal frame. This means, even if a car has been sitting abandoned in your driveway for months, you could actually sell it for a pretty penny.

Should I Repair My Accident Car Before Selling It?

You may hope that by repairing your car after an accident, you don’t have to disclose the collision to a potential buyer. However, to protect yourself from legal action, you should. Then, whether the buyer chooses to follow through with the sale is their decision, and you have no liability if they get into an accident.

If you file a claim and have your insurer’s mechanic fix the car, it may issue a letter saying that the car is safe to drive. You could use this document during negotiations to get a higher asking price. Or, you could put the entire deal behind you and sell your vehicle to

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