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How to get top dollar for junk cars?

How to get top dollar for junk carsSelling your car for the right price is always the goal but finding someone who will pay your exact asking price might not be possible. However, what if we told you there is still a way to ensure that you will receive the BEST offer for your car when a buyer shows up to buy it, now the questions is how can you achieve this?

There’s a few steps that you can take to prepare your junk car for a sale to lock in the best offer when a buyer shows up.

  1. Keep your car as intact if possible

  2. Make sure you have the key for the car

  3. Have all of the required paperwork complete

  4. Abide by the lemon laws

  5. Find the right buyer

In this article we go over these steps to make sure you get top dollar value for your junk car.

Did You Know?

Junk and scrap yards purchase vehicles for their salvaged metal value. This means they will pay for the weight of your car no matter what condition it's in. If your vehicle is still starting and isn't wrecked from accident then it may still have some value left in it. Before selling to a junk yard check what your vehicle is worth with CarBrain, who knows you might actually get more for it selling it AS IS.

What is my car worth

Keep your junk car as intact if possible

Keep your junk car as intact if possibleImagine you're on the way to purchase a car that was advertised as junk. When you finally get to it you would hope to see a vehicle in less than perfect conditions that's potentially old or beat up but complete. If the car was missing an engine or sitting on bricks would that discourage you to buy it? If not, then you're probably going to offer much less than you were willing to at first.

This same logic applies to when you're selling it. Even if your vehicle is an old junk car its important to keep it fully intact because you never know why a buyer is looking to buy a junk car. Their intentions could be to part it out in order to build another car they have or perhaps they are planning to fix it up for resale. The bottom line is if any pieces are missing off the car it can and most likely will negatively affect the final price that you get for it.

Parting out a car may seem like a great idea at first but it's a can of worms you might want to avoid opening and after a car is missing parts it will be worth significantly less than a complete car.

Core items that will significantly affect your vehicle’s value if missing:

  • Engine

  • Transmission

  • Interior

  • Wheels & Tires

  • Battery

Make sure you have the key for the car

Make sure you have the key for the carA vehicle with no keys is like a canoe without paddle. If a buyer is interested in the vehicle and you do not have keys, then prepare for low-ball offer. Imagine every buyer wants to test out the car even if its not starting they still want to hear what sound it makes while cranking up to determine any obvious issues.

Not only that but without keys a buyer cannot properly secure the car. This means when it gets to their location they cannot lock the car because they won't have access to it after. They won't be able to leave the windows open either, not only for security reasons but for rain and other weather conditions as well.

Also, some cars that have transponders that require a professional facility to replicate a key and program it to your specific vehicle. This service is time consuming and it can cost a pretty penny. Even on a common car a transponder key with programing can cost over $300. If you're selling a junk car, then make sure you have at least one key to ensure you get top dollar value for it.

Have all of the required paperwork complete

Have all of the required paperwork completeThere's nothing worse than having a buyer all lined up with the right offer and ready to buy your car when you suddenly notice your missing a public notary stamp or a vehicle registration. Then the buyer withdraws the offer and you have to go and fix what's incomplete or missing. Some of these documents can take over a month to get a replacement and by that time it could be too late. The buyer may reduce or withdraw their offer by the time you're ready to sell.

Most common documents needed to sell a car

  • Formal I. D

  • Vehicle State Title

  • Registration

Every car sale is unique and so is the required paperwork. There will be occasions where a special documents are needed. Before selling your junk or wrecked car find out what state your vehicle is titled and verify with their local DMV to make sure you have all of the paperwork needed to sell your car.

CarBrain Knows that the process of selling a car can be complicated and confusing and that's why we’ve created this map showing all the states and their title requirements to sell car. Simply Click here

Abide by the lemon laws

Even though this mainly applies to dealers, private sellers still have a set of laws to follow when selling a car. These laws vary per state but there is one common law that all must follow to avoid tampering with the vehicle's mileage. It is illegal to alter a vehicle's miles in any way. In situations where a vehicle's odometer becomes inoperable then you must report it to the DMV to have it properly taken care of and fixed.

Finding the right buyer

To get top dollar for your junk or wrecked car it's important that you showcase it to the right buyers. Selling it locally means that you’ll get swamped with calls and texts from strangers at all hours of the day. You’ll have to meet with them and haggle back and forth just to receive their low-ball offers. Junk and scrap yards don't care about your vehicle's options like leather or sunroof nor its conditions they're just looking for the metal value that they can scrap from it.

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