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Here's How to Get Rid of A Car with A Bad Engine With

Trying to sell car with a blown engine can depend greatly on the make, model and year that it is. Though there are many more factors that can hurt or add value to the price of a totaled car. If you want to trade in car with a bad engine, DamagedCars offers some hope. We ask the most relevant questions on our simple online form before instantly calculating the value of your car with a blown engine. As an added service, we have a detailed guide on blown engines with various makes and models if you are looking for a resource for your own car.

Who Buys Cars With Blown Engine?

Whether you have a car or truck that isn't running or has an engine that has completely stopped working, will make you an offer. We buy almost any make or model of damaged or broken cars, even ones with blown engines. So even if your vehicle has run its last mile, you can still make some money from selling it on rather than pouring more money into it to fix it. 

Can I Sell a Car with A Bad Engine to

You might be curious as to what your car is worth with an engine problem. This is often a common question for anyone trying to decide if they want to sell a damaged car or get rid of it for parts. This becomes even more complicated if your car has been totaled and you still owe money on it. However, selling a used car that needs an engine can be less of a hassle and more profitable, in comparison to making the costly engine repairs that are needed.

Steps to Take for Trading in a Car with Engine Problems

Relying on trading in your car with mechanical or engine problems can depend on the car dealer and how much money they're willing to offer. In many cases, dealers only want to accept trade-ins for cars that are still running properly. Because a dealer will need to invest a significant amount of money into getting a junk car in a shape to offer it on their lot, they are only prepared to offer you a small profit on it and most of the time none at all. You risk not getting a fair price for your vehicle if it has a blown engine.

Selling your car with a broken engine with DamagedCars takes away all these problems. Our process saves you valuable time and money. Simply visit our website and click "Get an Offer." We'll give you an instant online quote for most cars. However, if we need a few more small details from you, one of our buyers will call you shortly after you submit the form. From here, they'll give you a quote right away while you're still on the phone and then email it to you for your records.

We'll even pick up your damaged vehicle from almost anywhere in the continental United States. Just click on our "Areas Served" page to verify where we service your ZIP Code. It truly is as simple as that to get a fair price for your vehicle with a blown engine.

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